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Review: Epic Film Music Concert at Gilded Balloon Teviot Square Nightclub - Ed Fringe

Review by Charlotte Leamon

The ‘Epic Film Music Concert’ gives as much of a hint as any as to what should be expected. The audience was excited and buzzing outside as they prepared to embark on listening to an array of film music soundtracks, some movies listed as: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Interstellar, Game of Thrones and more.

The musical duo Intermundia re-arranged/composed the music for this concert, however only Edoardo Romussi was there at the concert and was assisted by Lucia la Rezza and singer Kitty Harrison. Romussi explained that he was the ‘electrical and technical guy’ for the performance, and Lucia was the violinist. Romussi had a keyboard, synthesisers and software for lights and backing tracks which were cued. He began the performance by doing a quiz with the audience, where we had to guess what the soundtrack was. After playing Avengers, Interstellar and Hedwig’s theme from Harry Potter the winner could choose any song for Lucia to play on the violin. This was highly impressive, as the two requests she performed with ease.

Lucia’s stage presence was calming yet energetic, as she elegantly pranced around. However, I did not enjoy that it was an electric violin and believe a traditional violin that was connected to the sound system by a microphone would have offered a superior sound. As the violin was loud, mistakes could easily be heard and scratched as she put her bow to the strings. Besides this, she was a very impressive professional violinist showing off speed and fingering skills as she glided through speedy scalic passages.

Throughout pieces, Romussi would pause to explain the importance of not just film music, but also epic film music which is a genre which exaggerates film music with more bass, synthesisers and intensity. The third member Kitty, provided atmospheric vocals which were pleasant despite her lost voice due to the Fringe.

The trio were captivating and entertaining, they did get distracted by audience sounds and reacted which they should have hidden. However, their arrangements were explorative and the audience was intrigued and captivated by Lucia’s movements and performances.

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