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Review: Drag Time Music Hall at Girls School

Review by Hannah Fredriksson

If you’re heading out to Fringe Festival for a stupid good time, that’s exactly what Drag Time Music Hall delivers. At the family-friendly time slot of 6pm, this show is the firework that will kick your night off with a bang!

Perth drag queens Miss Cara, Skye Scraper, Moxie Heart and Rhonda Civic have prepared a series of high-energy lip syncs divided into four sections, taking you on a journey through time starting all the way back in the stone age. The songs were curated to perfection, banger after banger after banger, and all presented in hilariously campy fashion.

The first section started the show with some prehistoric tomfoolery. Miss Cara and Skye treated us to a cheeky Flintstones throwback in chic tiger stripes. Rhonda performed a hilarious medley around the discovery of fire, and Moxie Heart made for an adorable and colourful Velociraptor.

The second section featured some old Hollywood Glam. Rhonda and Skye performed a dramatic and moving tribute to Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand in stunning purple gowns, with hilarious wavering facial expressions to match the vocal gymnastics of the musical legends.

Miss Cara then Tina-turned it out with a high energy lip sync of Disco Inferno. And an inferno it was – performing under bright lights all week during 41° days was no mean feat for any of the performers this fringe season, but Miss Cara made it fashion.

The appropriately named Skye Scraper then took her lip sync to new heights with an iconic Sasha Velour reference that had the audience howling.

The third section brought us into the noughties, and what could possibly be more emblematic of the noughties than a Shrek compilation? Moxie, Miss Cara and Skye perform as the Faerie Godmother, Donkey and Puss in Boots respectively for an over-the-top tribute to the classic Dreamworks films and their unquestionably excellent soundtracks.

The final section took us to the present day with iconic queer pop hits. Rhonda shone as she performed Lady Gaga’s Born This Way in a stunning dress.

Originally billed with four queens, Perri Prism joined the cast for the remainder of the fringe season, providing extra bang for your buck. Her interaction with the audience is so delightful and effortless and just radiates pure joy. Her lip sync to Katy Perry’s Firework is equally uplifting and soulful, you just can’t help but be endeared by her charming presence.

Topping off the show with a hilariously literal interpretation of a Spice Girls number, the girls sent the audience off on an impeccably high note.

Throughout the night the queens performed in gorgeous outfit after gorgeous outfit, and barring one minor costume reveal that didn’t quite go according to plan, they handled the transitions flawlessly and showcased a lot of creativity and diversity.

Drag Time Music Hall is a joyous romp that glides smoothly from pop culture hit to pop culture hit and has the whole audience hooked and cheering the entire way. It's truly been a highlight of this Perth Fringe Festival season and my only gripe with it is that it had to end!

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