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Review: DOLLY DIAMOND’S BL*NKETY BL*NKS – Brisbane Powerhouse

By Josie Montano & Robert McLachlan

Being fans of the top-rating smash television show of the late 70’s, which was originally

hosted by Graham Kennedy, we were very much looking forward to seeing Dolly’s show

on stage at the Brisbane Powerhouse. Written and performed by the extremely talented

Dolly Diamond, the live version of Bl*nkety Bl*nks did not disappoint at all. For one night

only, Dolly hosted her ‘adults only’ show as part of the MELT: Festival of Queer Arts and

Culture as she entertained a strong crowd of over two hundred, who sat fixated at their

assigned tables.

Not unlike the original 70’s television show, Dolly Diamond’s Bl*nkety Bl*nks contains

coarse language, adult themes and sexual references, but who noticed and who cared?! It

was entertainment at its best; the content contained variety, comedy, as well as cabaret,

and it was just extremely frocking funny!

Joining Dolly on stage were local personalities who took their seats for the duration of the

show, and were not unlike Dolly’s backup comedians as they assisted with producing their

own quick witted improvisations. Those featured celebrities consisted of publicist, writer

and producer Adam Brunes, president of the QUAC Peter Black, multi-talented Ruth

Gardner, drag queen entertainers Sellma Soul and Candy Surprise as well as talented

writer, performer and producer Natalie Bochenski (who we only recently saw perform at

her show Titanic: The Movie, The Play).

Even though Dolly had a line-up of guests as well as MC Lewis Jones who helped

adjudicate the evening, the hostess with the mostest stole the show. The cabaret Queen

held the room’s attention for over an hour with her sharp-tongued quips, comedic banter

and genius improvisation, and all whilst wearing six inch heels.

Let’s not forget the hilarious audience participation, featuring a hesitant young shy couple

who were coerced on to the stage. Chase and Miffy …. yes maybe those were or were not

their real names, their supposed innocence reminded us of the characters Brad and Janet

and we had to keep reminding ourselves that any similarity to The Rocky Horror Picture

Show was pure coincidence.

MELT is now in it’s fifth year and is an inclusive platform honouring Brisbane’s wonderfully

diverse Queer population through spectacularly entertaining events, performances and

discussions. The festival celebrates LGBTIQ+ arts and culture as well as promotes

visibility within the community.

Unfortunately Bl*nkety Bl*nks was a one night only performance for the MELT Festival ….

but to quote Dolly ‘Never let the bastards get you down’, so if you love a bit of cheek, a

great wig or two, blinding sequins, dazzling guests, glamorous gowns and an amazing

diamond wit, then I’m sure you’ll be able to catch Dolly at another of her shows …

sometime ... somewhere.

Warning: for those who wish to know Dolly as ‘the’ Ms Diamond herself, do not keep

reading otherwise it’ll be like the time you found out that Santa wasn’t real. The vivacious

Dolly Diamond is the alter-ego of Michael Dalton who is also her Agent and Manager …

naturally! Michael and Dolly originally hail from the UK but they call themselves fully

fledged Aussies now that they have citizenship.

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