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Review: David Hobson and Colin Lane - In Tails - At The Round In Nunawading

Review by Benjamin Lamb

You wouldn't pick it, but iconic comedian Colin Lane and opera performer David Hobson have been friends for a couple of decades. Never crossing over into the other's territory, the pair thought it'd be fun to give the other's forte. a go. This premise is the base for In Tails, the duo's show that's been around for a few years now. 

Happening at the new theatre in Nunawading, The Round, there were excited murmurs in the crowd as we all made our way in. The surprisingly full stage was adorned with a piano, seats and a table, reminding us of all the variety shows of yore. It was exciting to see so many people of different backgrounds and ages, we don’t get shows like this happening in the suburbs a lot, hopefully it’s a sign for the future. 

The perfect way to sum up the show that was ‘In Tails’ perfectly written. While as an under-30 year old reviewing this show, some jokes were low-hanging fruit, but seemed to respond extremely well to the crowd, which can be appreciated. In 2024, so many people are trying to appeal to everyone. This wasn’t the case for In Tails, it didn’t aim to be anything else. It knows the show is seen predominantly by people of the older generation, which explains why it’s been such a popular show for so many years. 

While the comedy was great, highlights came during musical moments — but perhaps surprisingly, Colin Lane was more engaging than Hobson, providing more of an emotional connection to the music, which could also be felt in the crowd reaction. Hobson did have his moments though, performing pieces from operas we don’t get to hear much any more, showing us why he’s been a staple of the scene for so many years. 

The show saw the pair take turns trying the other’s skills, Hobson landing a few solid jokes, and Lano testing out his singing skills, they were both firing on all cylinders. 

As we made our way out of the theatre, smiles adorned all our faces, knowing we experienced a show that doesn’t happen much any more. A couple noting it reminded them of an old school Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra special - can you get a better review than that?Its two legends of the entertainment world in fine form, make sure you catch this show as it makes its way around the country. 

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