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Review: Dave Thornton: Lean Into It at Max Watt's

By Nicola Bennett

Dave Thornton’s latest show “Lean Into It” provides a stand-out example of what the casual comedy goer craves for their night out. This is a performance that delivers a solid hour of high quality content without any of the bells and whistles that drag many shows into the realms of the excessive. Thornton has clearly instead put meticulous effort into sculpting the impression of effortlessness when concocting his show, and certainly reaped the rewards from an engaged Thursday night crowd.

The show’s content revolves around the latest chapter of Thornton’s personal and professional narrative. As a regular attendee of his MICF’s shows, it’s rewarding to witness his content evolving year to year as he does himself. Parenthood, property pains and just paying the bills are now at the forefront of Dave Thornton’s daily agenda with a growing family, and therefore translates authentically and honestly into a highly relatable show. These days, Thornton’s show represents a happy medium of his audience members, balancing content for both his younger followers and his baby boomer viewers.

The energy that permeates throughout the evening is one of genuine enjoyment, coming from those both off and on the stage. As a result, you can’t help but absorb Thornton’s “dude next door” approach to comedy - because ultimately, that’s what Thornton’s brand and his new show prides itself on - the sense that this is a guy who is just like us: out on a Thursday night looking to enjoy himself and have a good laugh. Blatantly honest and genuinely endearing as a person, Dave Thornton achieves the ultimate goal of relatability to the audience without appearing to try too hard. I commend him for another excellent show and encourage you to let yourself embrace the belly laughs ahead. Dave Thornton will be appearing at the MICF until Sunday 21st April.

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