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Review: Dado: A Frayed Knot at The Court

Review By Sophia Gilet

Dado: A Frayed Knot is a children's show, that like any good children's show will have the parents laughing along with the littlies

The show is playing at The Court - one of the finest LGBTQI friendly establishments in Perth.

I loved being able to walk into The Court and see the chandeliers and fancy bars. As I waited for the doors to open, it was adorable seeing so many parents and children filling the sunny venues ordering drinks for their kids and themselves. Juice and beer in hand, they entered through to be greeted by staff and seated in a small cabaret style space with disco balls hanging above the entrance. The door closes, the space darkens and a hunched man walks onto stage, turns to us, greeting us with a beatific smile, and so the magic begins.

The stage is set with a microphone stand off to the side, a table with a suitcase on it and a second table further back to the otherside with a toy lamb on it.

Throughout the show an impossible number of props seem to appear out of thin air.

Dado is an experience- he plays with the audience and has everyone laughing almost immediately. Dado had many incredible moments that delighted or were straight up absurd - His style of playing is just fun. And when he gets the audience involved - In one case 8 all up at once- there is bound to be some laughs.

Dado blends- humour and absurdity into an all out extravaganza that has the the audience clapping, Oohing and aahing at his balloon animal tying, magic tricks and silliness. Plus, there was a lot more batman than I expected. 

His rendition of a classic scottish song brought me so much joy (as did the lead up to him playing it) - No spoilers here but...let me tell you, I did not know gloves could fit there

At moments he has the children screaming for more and the adults peeking out from behind hands as he does masterful feats such as passing a balloon. Yes- He passes a balloon.

Other times he has the entire audience captured in twisted fascination as he uncontrollably lays eggs- from his mouth. Everything he does is designed to surprise, and it does, without fail.

His use of music is interactive at every moment and instantly recognizable.

A jack of all trades on stage Dado is able to give instruction, keep the audience on board and still have a blast. Every time he asks if we want more the cries of yes steadily get louder and more emphatic from the children as well as from the adults. With a sprinkling of jokes for adults this show will keep the whole family entertained and will leave you wishing his show went for longer.

The show is very low tech and and very high Magic. Dado operates the music from his phone on one of the tables and manages to incorporate set, costume and song changes all as part of the magic.

Dado is truly a master of  Clown, Magic and Mime. He travels the world gifting laughter and fun, and his show is truly that - a gift. Be sure to catch him while he is in your neck of the woods.

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