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Review: CON 2077 at The Courtyard of Curiosities - ADL Fringe

Updated: Mar 9

Review by Tatum Stafford

One man, hundreds of sound cues, and a time-travelling plot in a Fringe tent - that’s pretty much all you need to know heading into ‘CON 2077’. That and that the show’s writer and performer, Con Coutis, is easily one of the funniest people you’ll see this Fringe season. 

The premise of this show is (respectfully) ridiculous - it’s 2027, a meteor strikes, and every comedian on earth is killed…except one; Con. Then we jump to 2077, when an arctic researcher discovers the ancient artform of comedy, and the government decides to wake the world’s last-known comedian from his cryosleep. Got it?

The concept is out of this world (almost literally) and Con’s performance style is insanely captivating. Armed with a tiny remote and more sound cues than seems possible in this tight show, Con’s energy is boundless and never ceases. From the minute he springs out from behind a comically short red curtain, he has the audience eating out of the palm of his hand.

There’s a bit of something for everyone in this high-energy show; light audience interaction that makes for some hilarious callbacks, sketch comedy, stand-up observations, and pumping music cued by Con with impeccably funny comic timing. 

Con’s physical comedy is a real highlight of the show, as he flings himself (sometimes weaving through the audience) around the tent. The comedy ranges from high-level observations about the price of safes at Bunnings, to joyfully silly moments of play with the audience. A moment with an invisible ninja spike nearly fatally injuring Con elicited a riotous laughter from the crowd. 

Massive shout-out to Con’s tech team who are working on this show, as it’s a real spectacle in terms of audio effects and soundbites. There’s great music, and plenty of playing with the speakers around the tent, that made for a really interesting and multi-faceted show amongst the constant laughs and silliness. 

I caught the show on its closing night at Adelaide Fringe, but Con is heading to other cities in Australia so I’d urge you to grab a ticket if he’s performing near you. This is a real gem of a show that deserves enthusiastic audiences. Don’t read too much more about it before you go - let it take you by surprise and you’ll be wowed by Con’s comedy and ability. Highly recommend! 

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