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Review: Caroline Rhea: I Identify as a Witch at Gilded Balloon Teviot - Ed Fringe

Review by Carly Fisher

If you grew up in the 90s, you have to know ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch.’ If you were me growing up in the 90s, you watched every episode (of both the live and animated series). So if you have the opportunity to see Aunt Helda perform a stand up show at the Edinburgh Fringe, OF COURSE, you go…Caroline Rhea’s ‘I Identify as a Witch’ is a fantastic, laugh out loud hour of extremely relatable content and great laugh after laugh.

A seasoned stand up comic, Rhea has been performing on the circuit for over 30 years and her experience on stage shows as she offers the most natural and personable hour I’ve seen thus far at the fringe.

The experience starts pre-show as Rhea makes her way up and down the line of people heading into her packed theatre, taking selfies, making everyone’s Sabrina dreams come true. By the time you take your seat and Rhea energetically jumps on to stage amidst an enthusiastic crowd sing a long of Sweet Caroline ‘BA BA BA,’ you feel like you know her, and are completely invested in her success and hooked on each word.

If you’re a comedian looking to improve your crowd work skills, I cannot recommend getting a ticket to this show enough as a masterclass in this important comedic skill. Rhea works the room expertly and without mocking or teasing anyone in the audience, includes so many of us in the crowd that we feel a part of the show. As well as the prepared content, we have much to discuss in this room - a malfunctioning air con unit, identical twins, thick Scottish accents, Shein shopping, Australian accents, 43 year marriages, horoscopes and lots of Garys to cover as well.

Don’t come expecting much Sabrina content (despite the title of the show), there’s much more to Rhea’s life and her retelling of her experiences with her daughter, menopause, partners and through her every day life are hilarious and evidently relatable to many in the audience.

I will be surprised to come across as professional a comedy hour as this through the rest of the fringe - so so glad I managed to catch this show on one of Rhea’s three nights at the fringe.

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