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Review: BurLEZque is Normal at The Big Top

Reviewed by Tatum Stafford

Having heard raves about the glittery BurLEZque cast in previous Fringe seasons, I was so excited to set foot into the Big Top and see what all the fuss was about for their Friday night show. And let me tell you, it was well worth the hype!

The show features a glittery, all-star cast of Perth queer performers who boast a range of performance talents. Hosted by the sassy Ginger LaMinge, who commanded the stage with her witty delivery and gorgeous costumes, the line-up was incredibly diverse in themes and music genres, and started with a bang with a fantastic group number that celebrated the entire cast.

Each act was incredibly unique and captivating to watch. Without giving too much away, Sven Ironside definitely stole the show with a number that will ensure you never hear the 80’s hit “She’s Got Bette Davis Eyes” the same way again, Polly St Pearl’s soaring vocals tugged at all of our heartstrings (and riled up plenty of passion when she belted out Billie Eilish’s anthem “Happier Than Ever”), The Moesha, Veruca Sour and Brad Titt were phenomenal to watch, and both Fae Salem and Serenity Von Varda managed to bring the whole room to a halt with their powerful and emotional numbers.

The show centred around a question of, “What is normal?” As Ginger weaved through each act break, she delivered a variety of short monologues and interludes, some hilarious and some thought-provoking, that gave the show some fantastic momentum and kept the audience engaged in between performances. She is a very natural hostess, and was incredibly charismatic to watch.

The show is very clearly an ensemble piece dedicated to celebrating queer performance, beauty, and talents, and it was such an entertaining night out. I’d highly recommend snapping up a ticket (if you can) next season.

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