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Review: Briefs: Dirty Laundry at Sydney Spiegeltent

Review by Lauren Donikian

Feathers, wigs, and a whole lot of cheek! The latest offering from the team at Briefs Factory International is urging you to air your dirty laundry. After supporting each other during the ‘pandy’ - pandemic for those that aren’t sure, the ensemble has reunited to put on a show unlike any I have seen before. 

With the Spiegeltent as the backdrop, and a washer and dryer with glitter windows and flowers the music is pumping, and the ensemble are making their rounds in pink satin nightgowns carrying white baskets adorned with fairy lights and flowers offering raffle tickets. This is the first show that I have been to that has a raffle! One lucky person will win, and we will all be jealous. Now, say jealous again in whisper with a long S and a hand movement which requires you to twirl your fingers into a fist. Pun not intended, but that is the vibe of the show. 

Director and Co-founder, Fez Faanana also referred to as Shivannah welcomes you into the ring with the kind of warmth that makes you want to snuggle into his/ her nook. Like mother earth Shivannah grounds us whilst looking fabulous, spitting truths, and educating the children. Fellow Co- founder and Key Creative Mark “Captain Kidd” Winmill is a ball of energy, like your favourite drunk auntie he spins fire as fast as he spins in his heels. Thomas Worrell makes you dizzy with his incredible aerial skills, so fluid in his motion it’s as if the aerial hoop is an extension of him and honestly, I have never seen anyone spin so fast. Rowan Thomas gifts us with more than his Roué Cyr skills as he rolls, spins, and disrobes. Dale Woodridge-Brown provides the laughs throughout the performance with honest facial expressions, ballon twisting and whip tricks that will have you gagging for more. Brett Rosengreen, ‘Fab Daddy’ himself brings the suds and bubbles whilst dancing up a storm and making the most of his time in the spotlight. Luke Hubbard – Nastia supports a lot of the performers during their acts and plays Winmills’ cheeky offsider along with Dylan Rodriguez - Serenity. The three of them are naughty and sassy and play well together. Hubbard flips, cartwheels, and tumbles during his act with ease and Rodriguez stuns with his use of aerial silks, stacked heels and cling wrap. Sounds weird but it is mesmerising, and after falling for his alter-ego Serenity during the show as the ditzy, clumsy one it is awe-inspiring to see what he is capable of. 

The reason why I say this show is unlike any other is because Faanana is the beating heart of this production. I have seen some of these artists in other shows and they have been phenomenal each time but whilst Faanana shone she allowed the ensemble to glisten.

Sometimes MC’s can overpower some of the other acts, but this was not the case at all. It was bubbly, bright and downright dirty! This is an incredibly talented group of artists who are nurtured, loved, and accepted as they are, after years of training and perfecting their craft it’s an honour to watch them in action. I left with a big goofy smile on my face and feeling all warm inside. Oh, and what does the winner of the raffle win? You’ll have to buy a ticket and find out!     

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