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Review: Blunderland at Gluttony

Review By Rosie Niven

If you’re looking for a performance this Adelaide Fringe Festival that’s akin to taking too much acid and running away with the circus, then Blunderland at Gluttony might be the ticket for you.

It’s a brilliant showcase of artistic talent, but don’t expect any sort of narrative arc - As MC Eric Shmalenberger says to us, “If you’re looking for a storyline in these shows, go fuck yourself.” Hailing from famous Brooklyn nightclub The House of Yes, Blunderland is an exciting variety show that dives deep into the weird and wonderful in a celebration of all things left of centre. Each performer is one of the best in their field, from incredible aerial acrobats to hilarious blundering clowns. For one hour, you’re treated to cabaret, burlesque, acrobatics and circus - flowing brilliantly and filled with laughs.

Each performance pushes the boundaries further, impressing us with the capability of each artist (this seems near impossible considering the first performer strips naked and appears to pull rainbow cloth out of her vagina like a magician). The only limit to these performances is the audience’s imagination - and in each performance a sense of childlike wonder is evoked. Although, this show is DEFINITELY not for children.

We begin the night with glamorous burlesque performer Darlinda, who treats us to a strip show, much to the delight of the cheering audience. La Lola Carter suspends herself from the roof in a nail-biting acrobatic feat with a hula hoop, followed by hilarious clown trio Fou York (Pixel Witch, Kelsey (BB), and Allegra Meshuggah) whose cheeky antics have the audience rolling in their seats. Queen of doom and gloom, Ruby Wednesday’s voice cuts through the crowd and leaves you with chills, singing powerful ballads with a gothic twist. Keeping you on the edge of your seat is Blaine Petrovia, a gravity-defying performer who takes to the sky with a pole and some very impressive moves, and Piper Marie finishes the show with a quirky burlesque performance that is nothing short of stunning.

The only thing that slows down this whirlwind evening is the slow and deliberate delivery from our MC for the evening. While a charming individual with a whimsical personality, his energy seemed at odds to the rest of the performances. However, the unity of this group is magical, and it’s easy to see why they’ve decided to bring the heart and soul of The House of Yes to international audiences.

Blunderland will take you on a wild ride and spit you out 60 minutes later covered in confetti and filled with joy. It’s queer-positive, body-positive, and anti-rules. If you’re looking for an evening of dirty fun, queer performance and tongue-in-cheek slapstick, I can’t recommend anything better than this highly entertaining show.

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