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Review: Aliya Kanani: Where Ya From, From? at Goodwill Club

Review by Hannah Fredriksson

Aliya Kanani returns to Perth ahead of the Fringe Festival season to give audiences a taste of her show ‘Where Ya From, From?’, which enjoyed sell-out seasons at Toronto and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, Sydney Comedy Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Just For Laughs.

Downstairs at the Rechabite, in the moody basement that is the Goodwill Glub, Aliya is introduced by local comedian Emo Majok who recently appeared on Australia’s Got Talent. He is incredibly endearing, and in a couple minutes he has the audience in fits of laughter before handing over to our heroine.

Aliya’s charming and fiery presence commands the intimate venue. She shares her experiences of moving a lot in her youth, bouncing from school to school, and later working as a flight attendant where she would meet people from all walks of life. Inevitably people always get curious about her heritage, and she finds creative ways to keep them guessing.

Aliya’s smile is infectious and she has a cheeky tenacity that enjoys ruffling feathers and seeing people squirm as she flirts with dark topics, while at the same time bringing an uplifting message about confidence and embracing your truth. Her comedy appeals to the part in everyone that feels like they don’t necessarily fit in anywhere, either because of their gender, sexuality, ethnicity or religion. What becomes apparent in the room is that being different is our universally unifying factor.

Catch Aliya Kanani at Fringe Festival 2023 - she brings a second show in addition to ‘Where Ya From, From?’ and they are both sure to sell quickly!

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