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Review: 80’s Mixtape at the Big Top

Review By Tatum Stafford

If you’re looking for a toe-tapping, family-friendly, fun night at the circus – Kaleido Company’s 80’s Mixtape is the show for you.

Performed by members of the Kaleido Company, this boppy show packs a punch when it comes to its acrobatic acts, guest performers and impressive fire routines. From the very start, we knew we were in for a riot of a show when members of the talented troupe entered the space with guitars that were, literally, flaming.

A highlight of the show was the section performed by the NeuroCircus Acro Troupe. Dressed in their brightest lycra, this large group of performers commanded the stage with their unique variety of standing stunts and infectious smiles.

The show’s MC was also incredibly energetic and enthusiastic; providing plenty of laughs in act breaks. He was also given the chance to flex his dance skills, leading the company into a vibrant rendition of the 80’s classic, “Footloose”.

There were some brilliant song choices throughout the show, including Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”, Men At Work’s “Down Under”, and even an impromptu crowd singalong of Queen’s “We Will Rock You”.

Though plenty of acts were standouts, the company definitely saved the best for last. After a montage of memorable 80’s movie moments, two of the troupe’s most talented performers united for a silks routine set to the iconic “I’ve Had The Time Of My Life”. This electrifying performance incorporated a unique ‘seesaw’ motion to manoeuvre the silks artist higher or lower in the air, and provided many ‘wow’ moments that were perfectly timed to the music, and showcased both of their phenomenal physical abilities.

With equal measure throwback tunes for parents and laugh-out-loud moments for kids, the show is 60 minutes of pure fun. Book a ticket, don your best leg warmers and make sure you’ve got your 80’s tunes memorised.

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