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Review: 360 ALLSTARS at The Flamingo

Review by Lia Cox

360 ALLSTARS, the phenomenal physical worldwide smash, that has been selling out Broadway, Edinburgh and the Sydney Opera House, is back at the Fringe!

A show which features and explores all forms of rotation, 360 ALLSTARS connects the elite street to the masses to deliver a supercharged urban extravaganza.

Boasting a stellar cast of young, hip and impossibly talented artists, including the 2x World Champion BMX Flatlander, two champion break-dancers, an internationally acclaimed basketball freestyler, and a World Record holding Cyr wheel artist, 360 ALLSTARS is a spectacular fusion of the extraordinary skill and originality that begins from street culture.

Add to this a stunning live soundtrack delivered by US MC and live looping vocalist, Mirrah, and multi-award-winning master musician, producer and visionary Gene Peterson combined with incredible video projections, 360 ALLSTARS is as aurally exciting as it is visually astounding.

As The Flamingo filled to almost capacity, we are treated to an intro of all the talent who will be entertaining us.

Starting with B-Boy Sette, a champion break-dancer from Melbourne. A dancer for 12 years, he has been competing and battling around the country and overseas. With attitude and confidence, he is an immediate favourite.

We then meet BMX world champion Heru Anwari from Indonesia; he stuns us with the tricks he pulls with his bike; such as the tail whip, barspin and other crazy manoeuvres.

Set amongst the fast forward projections, and insane lighting, I feel like we are part of a mini-rave!

Basketball freestyler from Belgium, Bavo Delbeke is a real entertainer – a comedian and hype man, his extraordinary skills with basketballs had my boys asking ‘how!?’

Next up is B-Boy Fongo, an international break-dancer with personality and talent to boot!

Rounding out the ALLSTARS is Dan Price, master of the Cyr Wheel. For those that don’t know, the Cyr Wheel is an acrobatics apparatus that consists of a single large ring made of aluminium or steel. The performer stands inside and grasps its rim, causing it to roll and spin gyroscopically while performing acrobatic moves in and around the rotating wheel. It is visually spectacular as well as a feat of gravity.

An hour of pure entertainment that had the whole family inspired and in awe.

The B-Boy battle between Sette and Fongo, where they were video game characters had the crowd going, with their crazy head spins sans hands, bouncing off their backs like turtles…amazing!

The comedy of Bavo’s segment included a ‘Do Not Press’ large red button, coupled with Mirrah’s mind-blowing vocals had the audience chanting and hollering at him to press the button and add extra basketballs to juggle, spin and manipulate. Such agility and control on display!

I absolutely loved Price on the Cyr wheel – an intense apparatus that looks much easier than it is.

He displayed such athleticism and artistry and I appreciate this artform is not as common or adored by young kids as basketball, BMX and breakdancing is, but boy did he educate us on how cool this skill can be!

Peterson then showed us why he is a musical and drumming virtuoso, with a camera strapped to his head, we had a bird’s eye view of each and every lick, riff and fill. Playing with lightning speed, my drummer son was totally mesmerized and inspired!

A spectacular finale of light, sound, musical loops and dance-offs, 360 ALLSTARS deserves all the hype it gets - an impressive, vibrant, & astounding expression of a generation that has reinvented street performance, 360 ALLSTARS is a ground-breaking production that will leave you and the whole family thrilled and electrified.

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