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Flo & Joan at the Melbourne Town Hall Powder Room

By Jenna Schroder

Flo and Joan have travelled across the seas to present Melbourne with their one hour set “Alive on Stage” that showcases why they’re comedians on the rise.

The show is a mix of songs and stand up. There are quirky tid-bits, relatable anecdotes, wacky tales and a dash of prop based humour (no spoilers).

The family resemblance isn’t clear in their appearance but rather in the identical dry finesse of their one liners and their ability to perform seamlessly as one.

Their ballad to Sarah and Rebecca was a stand out. Though not the funniest song of the night, this number pulled on the heartstrings, was uplifting, genuine and an emotional suckerpunch aimed directly at men that send aggressively hateful messages online.

While only recent additions to the comedy landscape, Flo and Joan imbue a deep sense of comfort and control on stage. There is an overwhelming feeling that you’re in safe hands, that they know exactly where the show is headed, what will get the laughs and how to react to unplanned errors - so much so you may think it was in fact all done on purpose.

The hour flies past and it's a testament to Flo and Joan’s ability that they are such a well oiled comedy duo machine.

While there is no strong narrative or message, the show never lags or is disjointed. Every beat, precisely measured, raises you up or brings you down in just the right ways, affirming Flo and Joan’s place within musical comedy.

Offering something for everyone, Flo and Joan “Alive on Stage” is an assured entertaining night out.

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