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Blog: Theatre's Spookiest Shows

Halloween is coming up and we are excited! After all, this is the one time of the year that dressing up and putting on a whole face of 'stage' make up is the norm. With little to no theatre this year, this is probably the closest that many of us have come to 'getting into costume' for months so, theatre kids, we wanted to provide some spooky show inspo to help you get Halloween ready!

Thank you to all the brilliantly creative people from the internet from whom we have sourced these wonderful ideas!


Song for your Playlist: The Whole Being Dead Thing

Make Up Inspiration:

Snack Ideas:

Young Frankenstein

Song for your Playlist: Transylvania Mania

Costume Inspiration:

Snack Ideas:

Jekyll and Hyde

Song for your Playlist: Streak of Madness

Make Up Inspiration:

Snack Ideas:

Sweeney Todd

Song for your Playlist: The Worst Pies in London

Costume Inspiration:

Snack Ideas:

Tip: For an easy savoury catering option, serve mini meat pies for a Sweeney theme to your meal

Addams Family

Song for your Playlist: Full Disclosure

Costume Inspiration:

Snack Ideas:

Little Shop of Horrors

Song for your Playlist: Feed Me (Git It!) or Dentist!

Costume Inspiration:

Snack Idea:

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Song for your Playlist: Science Fiction/Double Feature

Make Up Inspiration:

Snack Idea:


Song for your Playlist: Dead Girl Walking

Costume Inspiration:

Snack Ideas:


Song for your Playlist: The Destruction

Costume Inspiration:

Snack Idea:

Songs from Other Musicals For Your Playlist:

- Killing Spree from American Psycho

- One Hallowe’en from Applause

- The Phantom of the Opera from The Phantom of the Opera

- Kiss of the Spider Woman from Kiss of the Spider Woman

- Come Look at the Freaks from Sideshow

- Spooky Mormon Hell Dream from The Book of Mormon

- The Master's Song from Dracula the Musical

- A Freak Like Me Needs Company from Spiderman Turn off the Dark

- Freak from Boy George's Taboo

- Comfort and Joy from Bat Boy

- Why Are All the D'Ysquith's Dying from A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder

- Into the Woods from Into the Woods

- Evil Woman from Xanadu

- Tevye's Dream from Fiddler on the Roof

- The Madness of Scar from The Lion King

- Do the Necromonicon from Evil Dead


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