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Katie, Grace, Mia and Darcy are your average young girls. They love boys and dresses and the idea of a feminist future. Everything about them is normal. Except their friends die on a monthly basis.

Except their lives are in danger if they go out after dark.

Except they aren't really your average young girls at all.


Girl Shut Your Mouth is an exciting dark comedy by Australian playwright Gita Bezard about ordinary living in an extraordinarily violent world.


When Katie gets shot, she is invited to go to a place where people are friendly, the drinks are minty and no one tells you how to live your life. Her friends, Mia and Grace, wracked with jealousy, resolve to join Katie on her journey. The only problem is the price of admission.


The production comes direct from the Adelaide Fringe Festival and marks the SYDNEY PREMIERE.



It’s been 50 years since thousands of young American women served their country in Vietnam, and their stories have remained largely untold… until now. 

Based on the accounts of five extraordinary women, ‘In Their Footsteps’ explores the experiences of women working in war zones, their struggles to be recognised heroes, their loss of faith and the friendships they forged in the face of trauma. 

This deeply moving, time traveling piece brings us a better understanding of what happened to these remarkable women and the many others who served alongside them 50 years ago.

Anna is waiting in her apartment for her date, but is it a date, or are they just ‘Gal-Pals’? Meanwhile, her best friend, Mal, has dozens of internet dates knocking on the door and to make matters worse, Anna’s former lover turns up having bailed on her wedding to win her back. 


Her date is having an identity crisis, her ex is hiding in her bathroom, Mal’s mother has turned up for a surprise visit from out of town...and all this is happening whilst her landlord is trying to fit the broken bathtub with a butt plug. 


Lipstick is a glorious, fast paced, Queer farce where everything seems to go wrong and you’re never quite sure who is behind the door!


Will everyone get their happy ending?

Or will someone just end up with lipstick on their face?

The year is 1987. It’s the height of the AIDS crisis and Princess Diana is embarking on a landmark trip to the AIDS ward of a London hospital. 


The Royal trip has sparked world wide interest and with it has come camera crews and a televised interview. But AIDS is still taboo and even working at this hospital could cost those present everything. To change the misconceptions of history, could you risk it all?


Told through the perspectives of Jude, a nurse on the ward, Andrew, a patient, and Donnie, a fireman estranged from his son, Moment of Grace revisits the Princess’ visit and the critical attention it brought to AIDS education and awareness through acts of true empathy and grace.

Prime Minister, Tobias Quantick, is tired of Downing Street. Overworked and unpopular, the slick centrist has dashed the hopes of a generation. So when Tobias discovers an algorithm for perfect governance, the choice is clear: be the most disappointing PM in history, or... put a super computer in charge. Led by the machine’s faultless decisions, Tobias rebuilds Britain and is loved once again.


But has anyone ever had a perfect run with technology?

A boy is lying dead next door, a blood stained knife sits incriminatingly in their living room and only one of them knows who did it. 


Winner of the 2018 State Theatre Company of South Australia and Flinders University Junior Young Playwright’s Award, this suspenseful murder mystery follows five teens living in the small rural town of Coober Pedy. Struggling with isolation and lack of opportunities, they turn to crystal meth and it is under its influence that memories start to become hazy… why were they arguing in the first place? What can they say to police? Who even was that kid next door?


And more than anything, for each of them, how will the mistakes of last night impact the futures they are chasing?

Lightning never strikes twice… right? 

Roy Sullivan, known as the ‘Human Lightning Conductor,’ was struck by lightning, not once, not twice, but seven times in his life.  


This quirky, folk-style musical cabaret documents his life and all of its striking moments. As we watch Roy grow up and fall in love, he struggles to come to terms with destiny, often wondering if he is cursed, immortal or just straight up out of luck. 


Bringing an eclectic mix of actor/musicians telling this unbelievable and yet completely true story together, expect a night full of folk music, bears, tips for not getting struck by lightning and a whole bucket of fun.

Saying no to a writer is not uncommon for Evelyn Ayles but Jason Carroway won’t take no for an answer. Jason is fueled with rage and is ready to blame Evelyn for the glorification of the despicable - like the serial killer she gave a book deal to. How have we all become so obsessed with celebrity culture? And how have we turned criminals into celebrities?


But ultimately, who really is Jason Carroway and why won’t he leave?


Talk About the Passion questions what we will do for that which we love, be it our family, our job or simply success, and who needs to be the collateral along the way.


This is a fast paced, thrilling drama that will have you on the edge of your seat.

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