A One Act Play Festival

Photographer: Rosie Niven

Like every high school teacher, Sam just wants a little love and respect. She finds it in the illicit lust of Milo, one of her Year 12 students. If she can keep their secret affair from her husband Harry and Milo's girlfriend Jessica, it just might work out. What she's not expecting is a lovesick Milo on her doorstep...ON A SCHOOL NIGHT! Infidelity and Enlightenment is a hilarious one act comedy exploring the pitfalls of ageing, love and marriage.


31 July - 3 August 2019

Bordello Room at Kings Cross Hotel (KXT PopUpstairs)

Produced as part of Theatre Travels' 2019 NO : INTERMISSION Festival

Directed by: Liam Shand Egan

Lighting Designer: Steffany Synge

Sound Designer: Georgia Condon

Stage Manager: Kipp Lee

Starring: Gia Cohen, James Ong, Matthew Pritchard, Nic Westwood



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