Theatre Travels is currently looking to fill two roles for our production of Lane Stanley's LIPSTICK, to be performed as part of the NO INTERMISSION 2021 festival. 


Anna is waiting in her apartment for her date, but is it a date, or are they just ‘Gal-Pals’? Meanwhile, her best friend, Mal, has dozens of internet dates knocking on the door and to make matters worse, Anna’s former lover turns up having bailed on her wedding to win her back. 

Her date is having an identity crisis, her ex is hiding in her bathroom, Mal’s mother has turned up for a surprise visit from out of town...and all this is happening whilst her landlord is trying to fit the broken bathtub with a butt plug. 


Lipstick is a glorious, fast paced, Queer farce where everything seems to go wrong and you’re never quite sure who is behind the door!

Will everyone get their happy ending?

Or will someone just end up with lipstick on their face?




MAL, mid to late twenties (M). This role is only open to Black, Indigenous and POC actors.


Best friends with Anna, Mal is a young gay man who is outgoing, flamboyant, and unapologetically himself. He uses Anna’s apartment as a hotspot to invite potential dates from a popular dating app, all the while hiding in Anna’s closet to give her advice about the girl she’s on a date with in her living room. 


DOROTHY, 50+ (F). This role is only open to Black, Indigenous and POC actors.


Dorothy is Mal’s mother. She has dropped by Anna’s apartment to surprise her son, and get him to take her to see the sights of Sydney. She’s a confident woman who just wants her son to be happy… whatever gender he may end up with. As long as there’s a marriage, she’s happy!

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