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Introduction: What is this show about? Who is the playwright, and who are the main characters? What are the main themes in the show?


Paragraph 1: Talk about the performers in detail. Make sure you list their character names as well as their real names (e.g. Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe), or Daniel Radcliffe is excellent as Harry Potter). What did you like about their performances? Were there any standout actors that really impressed you? Did any of the actors have really strong chemistry? Were there any moments that were particularly powerful?


Paragraph 2: Design. How did the lighting, sound and set design tie into the rest of the vision for the show? What impact did these elements have on the tone of the play? Were they visually stunning, did they help the play achieve a certain style? What did you like, what didn't you like? 


Paragraph 3: This is where you can include all the extra stuff that doesn't fit into the two previous paragraphs. What did you think of the Directing? Was there a really strong vision, or did it feel messy? Did you feel like the show was offensive, or outdated, or the creative team just didn't understand the text? Are you excited to see more progressive work hitting the stage, did you think this show had a place in the company's current program? Whatever else you'd like to say about the work.


Conclusion: Summarise your thoughts here, into one or two sentences. For example, Show A is an exciting new work that looks at the ways in which we discuss sex and relationships, and the lengths which people will go to to protect the taboo. While many elements of this production came together smoothly, the ensemble felt disconnected and at many times lost, leaving me wanting more from this talented bunch.

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