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Review: The Wonderful Everyday at theSpace@Niddry St – Ed Fringe

Review by Tatum Stafford

‘The Wonderful Everyday’, a show loosely set in a very familiar department store, flips a familiar reality TV trope into a really unique story of a couple who lives in the store for one year to win a house.

When we are introduced to couple Jay and Sam, there are vague mentions of ‘opening hours’ and obvious references to IKEA furniture names, but not too much is revealed, until the Interviewer appears with a microphone, flash cards, and game-show-host theme music and we are introduced to the concept. In this segment, we learn that there are a bunch of other families, couples and people competing in different stores across the country for a house also. The plot thickens when it’s revealed that Jay is acting more like Sam’s friend, rather than partner, when the cameras are turned on…

This show has a wonderfully unique concept, which I really enjoyed – writer and co-directors Ellie Harrington has done a great job at this fresh new story, with co-direction also from Diana Kukharenko.

The trio of actors give some stunning and heartfelt performances. Emma Gribbon was a grounded Jay, Laura Milton showcased a broad acting range as Sam, and Bailey Camack, who doubled as the Interviewer and Charlie, a ‘plant’ who inserted himself into the couples’ living room for the purpose of the show, was the perfect bubbly contrast when things were tense between Jay and Sam.

It was clear the audience were having a great time during this show – I don’t think I’ve heard more vocal feedback at any other Fringe show this season. There were plenty of tense, dramatic moments which elicited ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’, and there was a great variety of plot points to latch onto.

I won’t give anything away here, but I absolutely loved the final moments of the show. We’re left on a real cliffhanger, much like the end of a reality TV episode, so this ending felt very apt and enjoyable.

The show has concluded its Fringe run, but if it’s on near you at any point in the future, I’d recommend going along for a brand-new piece of storytelling and a unique twist on a common favourite format of reality TV. Thoroughly enjoyed this new writing.

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