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Review: The Mini Marilyn at The Loading Dock Theatre

Review By Nola Bartolo

It was a cold Saturday night in Sydney, and I was thrilled to be stepping into a world of glitz and glamour where pink and sparkles reigned supreme.  Elizabeth Evans, as her dazzling alter ego The Mini Marilyn, delivered an evening that was pure entertainment wrapped in charm, wit, sass and humour.

Evans channels old-school Hollywood glamour with a playful twist, embodying the spirit of Marilyn Monroe in a way that's uniquely her own. Joined by her girlfriends Brandy and Shandy, she invites the audience on a "girls’ night out" filled with surprises and laughter, encouraging everyone in the audience to raise a glass and join in on the fun.

The music pulsed with cool enjoyment, setting toes tapping and shoulders swaying to infectious beats, while the dancing dazzled with its energy and flair. The theatre buzzed with a light-hearted spark as The Mini Marilyn and her crew lit up the stage, ensuring that every guest had a fantastic time. I especially liked her rendition of Kylie Minogue’s Confide in Me. What a fantastic choice of songs and what Pride cabaret show in Sydney would be complete without a Kylie track.  

This show not only entertained but also marked a special moment—it closed the inaugural Qtopia Sydney's Pride Festival at the brand-new Loading Dock Theatre. As the perfect finale to a vibrant and successful month of performances celebrating PRIDE, it encapsulated the spirit of joy and inclusivity that defines the festival. The Loading Dock Theatre was a great space for this intimate show of colourful glam. The Theatre itself has super comfortable seating which is absolutely a dream when seeing indie theatre and it is Sydney’s brand new and exciting space. I especially enjoyed that when walking into the theatre it is via the Museum and you can wander through the open exhibitions of Qtopia Sydney, then have a drink at the bar. What a great taste of the heritage and the stories that are being told finally. 

Whether you're a seasoned cabaret enthusiast, a fan of theatrical dance numbers, or simply someone who enjoys a good laugh, this show welcomes all with open arms. It's a celebration where every guest is embraced, making for a night that's as warm and inclusive as it is entertaining. This performance left me enchanted by The Mini Marilyn and her fabulous world of sequins and sparkle! I hope to see more. 

Image Credit: Bojan Bozic


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