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Review: That One Time I Joined The Illuminati by Lou Wall - Online – Melbourne Fringe Fest

Review by Taylor Kendal

If one thing is for absolute certain, lockdown has proven to affect people in different ways, particularly here in Melbourne where it seems to be a never-ending sequence of Groundhog Day every day of the week. With that in mind, you need to keep yourself busy, and the most obvious thing to do in that regard is to consistently troll the Illuminati for months on end trying to join. Right?

Well, for one comedian, that was exactly how that time was spent.

That One Time I Joined The Illuminati is described by writer and performer Lou Wall as ‘a conspiracy musical about the global elite’, a culmination of long months spent in lockdown trolling conspiracy groups and supposed Illuminati members to try and grant access, simply because they were bored and thought it would be funny. And oh, the results are exactly that.

What clearly took countless hours of googling, searching, calling, harassing and just plain trolling is an entertaining, creative and downright hysterical journey unlike anything else I have ever witnessed.

I, like so many others, have heard countless conspiracy theories about the said secret organisation, and their apparent bid for world domination, but I’ve never had the guts to do in depth to discover just what is involved. Thankfully, Lou Wall has taken one for the team and done it themself. This hysterical piece takes us down the proverbial rabbit hole into the depths of one person’s insane boredom and dedication into uncovering the secrets of one of the biggest conspiracies known to mankind.

Intrigued by the premise of this, I went in not knowing what to expect, and I absolutely was not disappointed. Like so many, I am currently still stuck in a seemingly never ending lockdown, and identify and sympathise with what can only be defined as an insane dedication to something to keep ones self busy. Hours of endless googling, reading epic PDF files on the brief history of the Illuminati, and of course Reddit posts that explain just how every single thing in the universe is connected back to the cult – I mean group. And, like all good performances, the audience walks away learning something new; like how Queen Elizabeth is a lizard person and how Netflix caused the Corona Virus to increase viewing numbers for Tiger King (obviously).

This show has it all. Conspiracy theories, stalking Illuminati groups, spending hours talking to potential leads only to have them try to set you up with their cousin in the military, and a cliffhanger that had me screaming as the credits rolled; all wrapped up in a neat package of incredible talent and natural ease in performing and comedy that is Lou Wall.

The lengths that Lou goes to reach their destination and unlock the secrets of the Illuminati are both ridiculous and endearing, and you can’t help but rooting for victory at the end. The dedication and the passion shown is both hilarious to witness and rather inspiring – perhaps enough to get others invested in something during the unknown times.

Lou Wall is a born creative; engaging, hilariously talented and a gifted storyteller. What unfolds is a journey for both subject and audience alike, and you can’t help but fall deeper and deeper into their impeccable comedic rhythm via catchy tunes about Dm’s with trolls, an attempted arranged marriage, spectacular editing and creating for the online platform and just a really unique and entertaining show that takes you on a wild ride of ups and downs. This show is so creative and wonderfully presented, and truly is the perfect lockdown viewing.

Oh – and I hope that Deborah, wherever she may be, is doing well.

That One Time I Joined The Illuminati is available until October 17, and it is certainly one that is not to be missed out on.

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