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Review: PETER GOERS is FIT, FABULOUS AND NEARLY FIFTY!!! at the Arch at Holden Street Theatres

Review by Matthew Hocter

Peter Goers is a stalwart of Adelaide radio, this we know to be true. Polarising at times and almost always opinionated, conversation surrounding Goers can be divisive to say the least. What is certain is that Goers has been delivering his art for more than 50 years and that has seen him land titles like author, director, actor and of course friend to the Fringe. His latest Fringe offering, Peter Goers is Fit, Fabulous and Nearly 50!!! returns the ABC radio host to the stage for an hour of banter about all things ageing.

With ageing and health at the top of his list, the now 65 year old Goers is speaking from experience. Cancelling the outdated names for the “elderly,” Goers happily delivers us a new more PC term: “Pre-dead.” From here on in there was a never ending array of Dad jokes, talk of penis reduction and “holes” and the obligatory “pre dead” jest, which clearly resonated with Goers audience, most sharing the same age bracket or older.

Goers loves a story and whilst he has many stories to tell, the walk down memory lane sometimes lacked the pizazz most would expect from someone of his calibre and experience. To be honest, the unexpectedness of this show was only further aided when a khaki-clad dancer (Dr. Joel Amos who also moonlights as a ballroom dancer) hit the stage dancing with an imaginary partner to the “Tennessee Waltz.” His improvised pointes were most definitely on point, but it just seemed out of place, something that may have been better suited to an Anzac day march after party.

Anne Wills, a close friend of Goers made intermittent appearances throughout the show, culminating in a rendition of Helen Reddy’s “The last Blues Song,” which was giving off serious Betty Boop vibes, as the sequin clad Willsy “booped” around the stage. Not sure if that would have been Reddy’s go to, but hey, make it your own.

Goers clearly loves to have a yarn and reminisce about days gone by, something that plays into his audience perfectly. His show as he puts it “is particularly for old people,” which is wonderful and needed, but at times made it hard for anyone outside of his targeted demographic to relate to. If you are a die hard Goers fan, then this is most definitely the show for you.

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