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Review: Personal Space at The Loading Dock Theatre

Review by Nola Bartolo

Brigitta Brown's one-woman show “Personal Space” at The Loading Dock Theatre is an absolute cracker of a gem, blending music, dance, and stand-up comedy into a mesmerising and hysterical journey through personal discovery. She effortlessly transports the audience back to the era where diaries were more than just notebooks—they were portals to understanding oneself. Unlike today where we are not so personal with social media and the like.

In a stroke of brilliance, Brigitta shares her actual diary entries from her quest to understand her sexual identity—was she a lesbian, bisexual, or was she straight? All big questions. Her entertaining and candid revelations are both poignant and humorous, inviting all in the audience to reflect on our own journeys of self-discovery. The set was simple. A bedside table with her Diary (of course), cute teen essentials, a chair and some costumes and props cleverly laid. Brigitta had everything she would have had in her own bedroom space. 

“Personal Space” is part of Qtopia Sydney’s Pride Month Line Up. Pride Month is an International Movement of celebration and what better month to perform this than in June at Qtopia Sydney. The whole process was seamless, from booking the ticket, email confirmations to communications prior to the show due to a venue change were timely, clear and appreciated. 

"Personal Space" isn't just a performance; it's a time capsule to a pre digital time, inspired by the Y2K revival. Brigitta's hilarious nostalgic trip through her teenage diary is electrifying, blending heartfelt storytelling with dance, music, and drag in a sapphic spectacle that's as authentic as it is entertaining and had me laughing out loud so loud, I actually had to try and contain my laughter in some parts or else there may have been a wee mishap. 

As Brigitta navigates her life with the humour and exhaustion familiar to many, her show becomes a celebration of creative expression free from the pressures of social media validation. It's a refreshing reminder of the true joy found in embracing your true self and the cultural quirks of the early 2000s. 

I just came back from New York City and saw some fantastic comedy. Brigitta is as good if not better than some of the comics I saw. 

So, if you get a chance to dust off your butterfly clips and CDs and join Brigitta for an unforgettable evening filled with laughter, nostalgia, and a healthy dose of early 2000s charm – Take it. You will not be disappointed. “Personal Space" is a must-see experience that resonates long after the music stops and the diary closes. I do think that we will see more of Brigitta Brown and I do hope that she continues to tell her very personal story on other stages in Australia and the world as one show is simply not enough. 

Image Credit: Bojan Bozic


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