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Review: Outer Demons at Fringe Hub - Melbourne Fringe Festival

Review by Thomas Gregory

At one point during Outer Demons, the MC, Lilium, calls it “delicious little carnage”. I’m tempted to leave the review right there with those three perfect little words.

Outer Demons is the perfect late-night Fringe fair. A vaudeville act from the Hellmouth, if rubber chickens were involved, the show consists of comics, clowns, burlesque and everything in between. Alternative drag artists Belial B'Zarr, Ira Luxuria, Jet Stir, and Moxie Delite join the stage at various times, offering a range of gifts. All are extravagantly dressed (at least to begin), and all are truly beautiful creatures of the night. Many will dance while they mime to music, while some take a stranger turn that must be seen to believe. The most popular act of the night, however, involved very little dance, but a rendition of Radiohead’s “Creep” that will sadly be the only version I now ever remember.

The night is intense but weirdly also relaxed, with many informal joking and asides. Sometimes, these hide too many teething problems, especially those of a technical nature, but this isn’t the sort of night for perfect. No audience will care if the show never gets it “right”. Because “right” is a matter of opinion.

It might be worth noting that this isn’t a show for children, social conservatives, or those not entirely comfortable with the sight of the human body in all its glory. The show’s core thesis is simple: The soul has no gender. In my opinion, Outer Demons proves this conclusion without a doubt.

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