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Review: Lou Wall:That One Time I Joined the Illuminati at Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Review By Rosie Niven

What did you do during lockdown? Did you pick up a new craft? Did you learn a new language?Did you spend 5 and a half months going down a conspiracy theory rabbit hole to try and find out the deepest darkest secrets of the infamous group The Illuminati?

No? Well never fear, because that’s how comedian Lou Wall spent their time during COVID lockdowns last year in Melbourne. The best bit? They’ve made an entire comedy show to share with you exactly what they found. Part powerpoint presentation, part joyous cabaret/spoken word performance, That One Time I Joined the Illuminati is everything you need if you've ever been curious about exactly what that evasive secret society that took the Internet by storm is all about.

Lou is incredibly comfortable on stage, and their energy is contagious. From the moment they walk on stage, there’s an excitement in the audience. Conspiracy theories are a frequently touched on subject, but Lou takes it on in a unique way, playing on the popularity of powerpoint parties, where you present a powerpoint on any topic you’re passionate about. It is this passion that has the audience hooked on every word, as we watch Lou join secret groups and zoom calls, befriend a fake person online and become unexpectedly attached to them, and spend every waking moment researching a society that may not even exist.

To put it simply: this is a bloody good time. It is such a joy to see someone present something that they’re so passionate about, that even through the chaos the audience is on Lou’s side every step of the way - even when they send money to a scammer in Russia just to get further answers. It’s like watching a friend tell you about what they love, and there’s something really engaging and welcoming about that. I saw a preview and I was absolutely hooked, so I can only imagine how much stronger this show will become over it’s two week run. It is punchy, ridiculous, and everything you could want in a show about conspiracy theories.

If you’re in Melbourne, you need to check this one out before it closes - you’ll laugh, you’ll sing along, you’ll worry about Lou’s wellbeing - but you might even find yourself wanting to go down that same rabbit hole (take Lou’s word for it though, it’s definitely not worth it!).

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