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Review: Let Meowt! at the Rattlesnake Saloon

By Natalie Hamman

2 cats VS a bathroom. Pepper and Cinnamon find themselves locked in the bathroom while their human mother is out for the day.

Trapped in a tiled prison, with no food or litter tray, what ever will they do?

Have you ever wondered what your cats are thinking when you leave them home alone? Well see Little Dirt Path’s new performance; Let Meowt! And wonder no more. Let Meowt is an original piece written and performed by Laura Moran and Catherine Holder. The performance is witty and clever and is sure to make anyone laugh.

Let Meowt! Follows the adventures of no nonsense Pepper (Laura Moran ) and goofball Cinnamon (Catherine Holder). The two cats find themselves locked in the bathroom for the day without access to their food and water bowls (or their cat litter!) Without anything to eat or drink, the two cats must join forces and get creative in order to survive the entire day locked away.

Let Meowt is a comedy and has a run time of 50 minutes featuring non stop cat jokes.

Laura Moran and Catherine Holder do an exceptional job at portraying the two cats in a believable way and mimic well known cat behaviours perfectly. The show explores the complicated relationship between these two characters as they are forced to work together. There is no doubt that the show is driven by two incredibly talented actors.

Unfortunately while the performance was engaging, the show seemed to lack a main plot line. We follow the two cats as they run around in circles, doing the things cats do, but never making any progress towards any type of goal.

While the overall performance was enjoyable, the unfortunate lack of plot made the performance feel a lot longer than it actually was. If you’re not a cat fanatic, this show may feel a little long-winded.If you have never owned a cat, this show may not be for you as most of the show will have you thinking – its funny because its true.

Despite these pitfalls, there is never a moment that your eyes wont be glued to the stage.

Let Meowt! Is performed at the Rattlesnake Saloon which is very inclusive and even features

In short, Let Meowt! Is an incredibly clever rendition of the lives of two common house cats. It is witty and clever with lots of surprises. It is funny and bring a refreshing perspective to the lives to cats. However if you have never owned a cat, you might find it difficult to relate to some of the jokes. 

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