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Review: Legends at The Crown

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

By Nicola Bennett

Legends In Concert brings the flair and showbiz style of Las Vegas tribute acts to the Palms at Crown. Eight legends of rock and roll catapult audiences through their respective classic hits, transitioning from the disco fever of Donna Summers to the psychedelic imagery of Cyndi Lauper without hesitation. Each legend delivers at least four hip-shaking numbers with a live band and dance troupe while images and footage of their famed predecessors are projected for the audience’s viewing.

The show builds momentum through its early sets with audience participation hitting full speed by the latter part of the first act. Maintaining authentic characterisation while connecting with the live audience was a skill achieved well by nearly all performers, as they negotiated the risky balancing act of reproducing known content with their individualised energy and freshness.

Special mention must go to Michael Jackson (Damien Brantley) and Elvis Presley (Kevin Mills) who harnessed both their skills in performance and showmanship to connect and engage with the audience.

Also deserving a particular congratulations are the band and dancers who perform consistently across a wide range of genres for each performer's set. The skill that this flexibility and showmanship, as well as stamina, demands is incredibly impressive and speaks to the talent of the entire team involved in this production.

While the set design adopted a minimalist approach in terms of stage layout and backdrop, this seemed appropriate as it left the size of each star’s legacy unfiltered by modern distractions and allowed for the characters, and their vocals, to speak truly for themselves.

This show is testimony to the idea that true entertainment doesn’t have to be a complex formula to please its audience. Legends In Concert delivers to its viewers a night of genuine fun and rock and roll through beloved musical hits that connect with both the young and young at heart.

Photo Credit: Nicola Bennett

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