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Review: Laura Hughes Presents at The Butterfly Club - MICF

Review by Oliver Wu

If you are looking for a fast-paced and high energy show filled with a bunch of silliness, look no further than the talented Laura Hughes.

Hughes starts her show with a stand-up act discussing existential crises, the ridiculousness of Millionaire Hot Seat and

She then assumes the role of host to her guests of the evening and welcomes to the stage an array of Laura Hughes-es, including (but not limited to), Laura Hughes the neurosurgeon, Laura Hughes the dog trainer from Ireland (missing the dog?) and Laura Hughes the middle aged suburban mum (think the iconic Kath – yes you know the one).

Hughes is no rookie when it comes to impressions as she has been on TV shows such as; At Home Alone Together (ABC), Open Slather (Foxtel), The Detour (TBS) and Legally Brown (SBS).

She therefore appeared to don the persona, and wig, of each character with ease. Clearly a master of impressions, accents and physical humour, Hughes works hard and works well to bring each other Hughes to life.

Each impression is peppered with an element of audience engagement which appeared to somewhat terrify some audience members but was sure to keep the crowd on its toes. Hughes’ quick and witty reactions to audience responses gave an insight into her comedic mind.

If you like physical, silly comedy, this show is for you. But don’t be fooled there’s more to Hughes than meets the eye/than slapstick melon jokes (yes she really did bring two melons on stage). Hughes balances the crass assortment of impressions with her own somewhat dry and morbid stand up.

Personally favouring this drier style of comedy, I was left wanting more stand up from the original Hughes and feeling slightly tired of the impressions. However, with a lively crowed and regular belly laughs it was clear that I was in the minority.

Hughes had a lively and packed audience for her opening show on Easter Monday at 5:30pm – what a way to indulge even more after a weekend of indulging in chocolates!

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