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Review: Gays of our lives - Ginger and Tonic at the Butterfly Club

By Chloe Perrett

If I knew an acapella foursome could be so fun, I would have broken my Ginger and Tonic virginity years ago. Gays of our lives promises to be 60 minutes jam packed with colour, sparkling harmonies and boogie enducing gay anthems of your dreams, such as Cher, Elton John, Lesley Gore, Ricky Martin, and a stunning Kylie Minogue melody. The delicious choice of music makes you immediately imagine a parade of show-girls glitzing around the stage, the champagne is flowing and disco ball os getting a real workout.

The in-between dialogue is clever, witty and nothing short of a laugh. You almost want G&T to give a little more time to their in-between script to break up the show between the beautifully devised songs. The overall arch of the show is unclear at times, however, it’s the personalities of quirky and delightful Johns and Laura Burzcott’s comedic timing that saves the day. 

Rebecca Moore and Jane Patterson give politely powerful performances - you feel like they’re holding back at times and so desperately want them to embrace how stunning they both look on stage and really burst their performances open at the seams. 

The four delightful women burst onto the Butterfly Club's intimate stage all dressed in bursts of colour and glitter ( Cue Spice Girls meets Mardi Gras) and parade around the tiny stage with style. The carefully selected arrangement of songs takes the audience on a journey through some of the most fabulous eras of music and pop artists. G&T’s combination of voices makes the at time poor sound quality in the club forgiven.

The best part by far would have been pulling two audience members onto the stage to re-enact their version of Queer Eye and styling it with a creamy version theme song. Can someone please get Ginger and Tonic their own reality Queer eye themed tv series?!

The storyline of these four women is lost at times when we learn the one woman has just ended her relationship, another is an introvert, and the other two are seem unsure of their journey. The audience almost crave them to really empower their inner GIRL BOSS slightly and really punch out a good story line at the same effort as their seamless songs. 

 It’s not until Gays of our Lives is brought to a banging end with an epic 18 song melody that makes your ears feel like they’re on a honeymoon with a gaggle or fabulous gays. Cue streamers and glitter bombs! The audience get the learn a line to sing along at one stage which reminds you that the fourth wall has been broken this entire time. 

These four women are all uniquely stunning and have voices that should be heard more often in venues around Australia. Fringe dwellers - this week is your chance to let loose, get yourself a ticket, your girlfriends, a fountain of cocktails and get down to the Butterfly Club before this show wraps.

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