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Review: Catch Jazida at the Main Room at Connections Nightclub

Review by Sophia Gilet

Jazida and her talented, funny co-performer Artemis Seven take the stage in this Detective Noir Burlesque with all the dames, heartbreaks, thrills and cold hard cash you could wish for.

The concept for Catch Jazida is brilliant, A smart alec detective pursuing the alluring dame with the cash all around a seedy town. Right from the beginning hints are interwoven in TV segments projected on the screen above the stage, often conveniently cutting off before anything is explicitly revealed leaving the audience with a clue but still behind, keeping them guessing all the way.

What better venue to set a a show that goes from one extravagant stage to the next than Connections night club with its plush red curtain and glitzy disco balls and a bar running all along one side.

One thing you can count on with this performer is that Jazida's skills are as undeniable as they are awe inspiring. The show tended to lull during the “story” parts- which was partially due to the technical side of the show not being on point- with audio tracks playing to early, songs stopping too soon and videos repeating.

The Burlesque, dance and song sections were stunning. Jazida has incredible control of her body and does mind blowing numbers with nothing but fans, her body and a beat. I honestly could have watched her fan work all night. Each time she bought out different fans I got more excited. And she can sing!

There is no question that Jazida is an out of this world burlesque performer and whilst it is exciting to see her explore stories that keep the audience involved, there was definitely opportunity for those story to be developed further- Jazida hinted at her life before burlesque, but she only hinted.

Artemis Seven in this performance- Jazida's partner in crime so to speak - played a hapless detective who is desperately trying to find this lady whose number one technique is too drop her clothes so you drop your guard, and the two performer obviously had a lot of fun. Especially towards the end as more information is revealed. She even busts out some moves of her own which are on par with Jazida's dance/movement pieces. Both of them are trained and experienced performers.

There was some gold humour in the TV segments which played into current TV and made a subtle comment on our news and experts.

One element of the show which captivated was the extravagant, glittery, slinky, svelte costume that slowly came off during the show. The costumes pleased and delighted adding an element of glamour class that took this show to another level.

The audience participation is playful and fun.

If you go to this show expect to see crazy good burlesque, laugh out loud funny story that simultaneously is intriguing and some really honest vulnerable moments from Jazida. The show takes you through all the facades of a burlesque performer/thief until you are left with connection and tenderness. The show ends with a banger that will have you walking out with a bounce in your step.

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