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Review: Carlotta: I’m Not Dead Yet Darlings! at The Chamber at The Queens

Review By Lia Cocks

I’m slightly embarrassed to say that this is my first time seeing Carlotta live, although the legend’s career is not lost on me.

Australian cabaret performer and icon, Carlotta began her career as an original cast member of the long running Sydney based male revue, Les Girls in 1962. With an international [and celebrity!] following, Carlotta performed spot numbers as a singer and comedian before becoming the show’s lead attraction and known as ‘The Queen of the Cross’.

Her life and story became the inspiration for the film ‘The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’

The living legend and now Member of the Order of Australia, bids us adieu with her acclaimed, and final show, I’m Not Dead Yet Darlings!, before retiring later this year.

Staged in the newest, coolest Fringe venue, The Queens Adelaide, which is all dolled up for the occasion, Carlotta’s loyal fans are waiting patiently for their queen to hit the stage.

And hit the stage she does, with her glittering COVID safe mask and glamour persona ready to sing, heckle and entertain her devotees.

Carlotta has lived an extraordinary and well documented life; political activist, television personality, national treasure, and artist, nothing is off limits in her one hour show!

Supported by her Musical Director, Helpmann award winner and long time friend, Michael Griffiths, Carlotta gives her fans exactly what they came for – her.

Unadulterated, unexpected, undiluted and completely honest showgirl performance.

She had the audience eating out of her hand the entire time!

Singing hits such as ‘Everythings coming up roses’ to ‘Quiet Please, There’s A Lady on Stage’, she also paid tribute to her friends Jeannie Little, Peter Allen, Maria Venuti and local legend and former Les Girls star, Vonni.

With a bevy of costume changes, a soft shoe shuffle and powerfully emotive vocals, this gal shows what we all aspire to be at age 78!

Well done to lighting designer, Aaron Thomas and the sound mix and design by Didi Gallasch was absolutely perfect.

Every single audience member felt fortunate and privileged to be witnessing her last performances, and her final song – an ode to her life and friends was met with rapturous applause and two standing ovations.

Absolute 5 stars for this extraordinary symbol of fabulousness, frivolity, boldness and brash – salute, Carlotta!

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