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Review: Alex Ward at Enmore Theatre

Updated: May 17, 2023

Review by Cynthia Ning

Newtown was buzzing with excitement as the streets were filled with food lovers and theatre goers lining up at sold out sessions. My friend and I hurried over to Enmore Theatre and he pointed out that New Zealand Comedian Ray O’Leary was on the same bus. The giveaway was the grey suit which matched the one on his poster.

We quickly found the right entrance and went up a small flight of stairs and it felt like we went into a secret back room as Alex was just warming up at the start of her act. The stage was traditionally set with a stand, microphone and chair to the left-hand side. It was a full house, where the seats covered every inch of the space and were lined up right to the front.

Alex’s style of delivery is casual and familiar as if you were speaking to a close friend about their trip abroad, slipping a few naughty jokes in the mix. She plugged an overseas gig she did in India and burned the image of Ricky Ponting in our minds as she was mistaken for the Australian cricketer on multiple occasions. One audience member subtly corrected her when she mixed up his name and we all got a good laugh at their mini sport discussion of guess who.

Alex gently reminded us of lengthy lockdowns that Melbourne experienced which clearly had a profound effect on her as she described her newfound views on marriage, motor shows and growing a moustache. Her distrust of airport security and attempt at distracting her anxious dog with disco music during stormy nights was both hilariously engaging to hear and see being re-enacted.

Her experiences and stories were relatable, with many nodding in agreement and accepting the fact that we too, may never be homeowners. Aside from the devastating reality many young people faced, there was hope in following your childhood aspirations and creative imagination. Alex convinced me that owning a jet pack was a better investment than a down payment on a house and let’s face it, getting to fly wherever you want is a pretty cool deal.

The show was all around fun, bantering on point and she never wavered with impromptu call backs and reactions. Some of the best moments are the ones that are not always expected.

Make sure to catch Ricky Ponting, I mean Alex Ward live in a city or cricket field near you.

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