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Going to the Theatre as a Reviewer

 Often, going to the theatre as a reviewer is really not all that different from going as an audience member! There are just a few things to remember or to know…


  1. Your tickets will usually be at the box office and will either be under Carly Fisher, your name or Theatre Travels.

    It is rare but it does occasionally happen that the info about you being there hasn’t gotten to the box office and this is always frustrating! When this happens, best is to first ask them who they have that you can speak to about media tickets and let them know that you’re there as Theatre Travels. If they can’t fix it with you, please let me know of course ASAP and I’ll do my best to fix it.

  2. To that end, please always arrive to the show early. You need to get your tickets and allow at least 10 minutes to ensure that you have taken quality photos.  Please do not arrive to the show late and call ahead to the theatre if you are going to miss the beginning of the show for any reason to check if they allow late seating and to apologize in advance. Some theatres do have lock outs so please be on time or early.

  3. Please dress the part – you are there to represent Theatre Travels and we ask that you please ensure that you are always dressed to suit the theatre and the occasion. If there is a dress code we will let you know. Otherwise, please assume it is always smart casual.

  4. Majority of the time you will get 2 tickets to any of the shows that you are reviewing but sometimes shows can only offer 1 (I’ll let you know if this is the case). You’re welcome to take anyone you like.

  5. Opening night drinks and other events – whenever you are there for a show that has an associated event and we have been invited to both,  you are ALWAYS welcome to stay and enjoy! Have fun!! That is, after all, the main reason you signed up for this!! Please just don’t get drunk – that is our only rule. Otherwise, enjoy!

  6. Yes, you can tell people you’re reviewing the show – it isn’t a secret although personally I don’t scream it from the rooftops as I don’t want the actors thrown off or anything like that. I am personally often quite quiet about it but I do not keep it a secret, especially if asked.

  7. Opinions after the show and before the review….ooo this one can be hard! Especially if there is an event or if you know lots of people in the audience, first thing they’re going to say is ‘what did you think.’ When people ask me what I thought I usually say something like ‘hahaha well you’ll have to read the review.’ Or if I know it’s going to be a good review I’ll say ‘i really liked it - I think they’ll be happy with the review.’ I don’t think it is fair, personally, to the team to reveal opinions in the theatre and think it is more professional to keep my opinions, good or bad, to the review.


Enjoy!!! If you ever have any problems at the theatre or are unsure of any of the above, contact Carly =).

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