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[title of show] has been described as a ‘love letter to the musical theatre’, and now as well as showing the love to musical theatre, the team behind the new production of this show is showing their love too to twenty10 by donating all proceeds from their two night run to the charity. twenty10 focuses on providing a variety of services to LGBT youth in New South Wales. 

The show follows two men, Hunter and Jeff, on their journey both to write a brand new musical and to discover who they are as people, friends and collaborators.

Abbie spoke with Stacey Gay, one of the four stars of the show about the collaborative experience in rehearsing this production and the process of finding the character. Read more below: 

Stacey Gay

How did you approach developing your role and do you feel this character has changed you in any way? 

The whole process of developing character has been a very strange one for this show! Because it is such a realistic and conversational piece I found that Susan just happened. If anything Susan has taught me to be more authentically me and not to be afraid of my silly quirks. 


Do you find that your characters tend to stay with you after the final curtain closes on a show? 

EVERY TIME! Through out rehearsal and just in general conversation I would find myself questioning whether we were still in the show or if we were just having banter. 


This show is all about the process of creation so can you tell us a bit about the creative process that your team had and the similarities and differences between your process in preparing for this show and that of the characters preparing for the New York Musical Theatre Festival. Further to that, do you have a pre- show routine? Take us through it! 

No pre-show routine... each night is different so I just go off how and what I am feeling that evening. I guess my Pre-Show routine is just checking in with myself and making sure I am settled and ready to go, whether that be settling some chaotic energy or pumping myself up. Similarities between our creative processes and the Original cast/writers... haha I am not entirely sure. i know we can relate to the made dash to get everything ready in time! As well as the open and creative vibe we had among the cast and crew. I really felt like we were able to play with our characters and had the freedom to do so. 


What do you hope the audience will get out of the performance? 

I hope they have a good, entertaining evening overall. What ever other life lesson or heartfelt meaning they find in the show is truly up to them. I know this show has so many important (and subtle) messages that I think if someone walks away with SOMETHING... we have done our job. 


Favourite production you have ever seen?

Book of Mormon 


You’re getting on a plane tomorrow and you can go anywhere in the world, where do you go?



Dream role to perform?

There are waaaay too many. I am honestly just stoked to perform

Plays or musicals?

Give me a lush orchestra any day!

A hobby you have beyond the theatre?

Art, going on adventures and petting dogs

What’s next for you after this show?

Nothing planned, I will let the Universe take the wheel

(Title of Show) opens at the Newsagency on April 20 2019. You can get your tickets here.


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