Sam Powers in The Illusionists Tour

If you love magic, you've probably heard of The Illusionists. If you haven't, you're missing out! The Illusionists is a touring magic production which features a rotating cast of 5 to 8 magicians who all specialise in specific branches of magic from stage illusions to mind reading to escapology and comedic magic.

Mich interviewed one of the magicians in the ensemble: Sam Powers, known for grand-scale illusions and transformations, about the current worldwide tour and tried to get a little hint on his magician's secret. Read the full interview below:

You have generally been a solo magic performer – what is it that drew you to this show?

“The Illusionists” is literally the biggest touring magic show on the planet and it’s a privilege to share the stage with seven of the world best illusionists to work as a team. I have always loved collaborating with other magicians and there’s no better place to do that than in this show.

How has it been performing in a group of 8- 10 Magicians? And what will audiences love about this show?

Its been a humbling experience performing in such an elite group of magicians, some of whom are my all time heros. The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without the work. Every single one of these artists with no exception have devoted their entire lives honing their craft to become the best in the world in their distinct genre. Each illusionist is very different from the next and the audiences really love the variety so they all walk away with their own favourite.

What is your favourite type of magic? Do you have a particular trick that you love performing?

I love performing the large scale grand illusions, magic at its most epic level. I’ve made a name for doing stuff like transforming Ferraris into Lamborghinis and for performing the world’s fastest metamorphosis illusion where I literally transform on one human being into another in microsecond. Its so fast that it looks like a camera trick live on stage. You’ll get to see this on the tour.

What do you think it is about magic that draws audiences across all age groups? Does this show cater to a particular audience?

Magic is an international language that transcends all cultures and ages. People love to sit back and see the world as a child again where magic is real and wonder is everywhere. This show appeals to absolutely everyone from the sceptical rocket scientist to the 5 year old child who believes in magic.

Do you have a magician icon that you would love to or have loved to meet and what would you ask them?

Growing up as a child I have always admired David Copperfield because he revolutionised the magic industry to where it is today. We have met half a dozen times and actually spoke on the phone a few weeks ago where funny enough we didn’t speak a word of magic. We spoke about life, love and relationships... the real stuff. Cool guy.

In Melbourne you will be performing a never before seen trick. How do you go about developing a new trick? What is the process and rehearsal like for this new trick...and of course, we can’t not ask...any hints as to what this trick may be?

Its all about pushing the envelope and pioneering the art form. You start with an idea that initially seems completely crazy then work backwards until you find a method. From there you work relentlessly ironing out the flaws until you end up with a miracle on your hands. It always seems impossible until its done. You’ll have to come to the show to find out what’s in store for you but lets just say that it requires me to put my life on the line each and every performance... and believe me, that’s no illusion.



Favourite production you have ever seen?

Phantom of the Opera. Real magic.


You’re getting on a plane tomorrow and you can go anywhere in the world, where do you go?

Straight to Vegas! It ever gets old.


Dream role or trick to perform?

I’m actually working on that right now so can’t reveal! Watch this space...


Plays or musicals?

I love a good musical


A hobby you have beyond the theatre?

I’m a very competitive tennis player and last year got a chance to have a private one on one bash with my Aussie hero & Wimbledon Champion Pat Cash - What’s next for you after this show? Tonnes of shows and we’re now in the mature stages

of a very exciting project so epic the entire world will know about it. Wish I could tell you more...

The Illusionists are currently in the midst of a worldwide tour, including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Check out the full list of dates and get your tickets here.

Sam Powers (3rd from left)

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