Stupid F**king Bird at The New Theatre

If you haven't seen it yet, you only have a few more chances to catch Stupid F**king Bird at the New Theatre in Newtown. Recently, Carly spoke with Warwick Doddrell, director of the show, to get some behind the scenes insights on the New Theatres' latest production.


Warwick Doddrell - Director

What brought you to this play at this theatre? Where did your involvement with the project begin?


I was struck by the contemporary language, it felt like a piece of our time and so many questions and ideas that rumble in my head were voiced by these characters. There was a moment of “phew! It’s not just me!”


I applied to direct the show in the 2nd half of last year, and began the project in October, conceptualising the show with Set Designer Jeremy Allen and working with composer Jim Fishwick.


Want a sneak peak of the show...


Throughout the process, what has been the greatest challenge and the greatest moment of joy thus far as the director?


Absolutely nothing about this process is easy - it’s just in the nature of bringing theatre to life. It’s a beast. The pure logistics of the show has done my head in many times - the cast do everything on stage and so it’s an intricately woven choreography of set and props.

There’s a magical moment with a set piece, which was joyous when I first saw it in the theatre.

Production Images - Courtesy of Bob Seary


What about this piece makes it perfect for today’s audiences? Of course, being a remix of a great Checkov classic, what makes this piece new and different from what we would normally think of ‘The Seagull’? What should audiences expect?


Posner brings the ideas existing in The Seagull to life with an exuberant, fresh energy; to entertain and engage a contemporary audience. Its a familiar classic remixed to modern tastes and issues.


The Seagull was revolutionary and exciting for its time, but the challenge is to bring that same impact to audiences today. What Posner has done is remixed the themes and characters with contemporary form and style - this is The Seagull with a new energy but the same heart. Posner’s Stupid F**king Bird brings the understated subtlety of The Seagull vibrantly, urgently to the forefront.


What should audiences expect?


Something fun, loud, visceral and energetic. Something familiar, but also fresh.


Production Images - Courtesy of Bob Seary


Talk to us about working with this company – it’s great to see a mix of familiar faces and emerging talents throughout the cast and crew! How have you enjoyed directing and being part of the team to lead this great bunch?


This project has allowed me to bring together a great team of people who I’ve wanted to work with for a while, so that’s been fantastic. I love a collaborative approach and feel that all of these artists have brought so much of themselves to the project. This is my first time working with most of the cast, who all engaged completely with the process as we discovered the play and these characters togethor. I love working with new people - sometimes the industry can feel very small, but it’s refreshing to see how much great talent is out there!


Production Images - Courtesy of Bob Seary


Have any characters in the show left you with a message or a new thought? Is there a character that will be staying with you beyond the show?

I think Con is a character who can be easy for audiences to dismiss, but for me he embodies a lot of the issues and crises of the 21st century, perhaps as an example of how not to be. Its embarrassing how many lines of the play sneak into every day life. Must. Stop.


Production Images - Courtesy of Bob Seary




Favourite production you have ever seen?

I love The Lion King.


Where do you go on a plane tomorrow?

Somewhere I’ve been before - Scotland.

Dream show to direct

Would currently love to do Sunset Boulevard.


Plays or musicals

I do love a musical.


A hobby you have beyond the theatre

I am currently growing sugarpeas.


What's next for you after this show?

I’m directing a production of La Boheme with Central Coast Conservatory of Opera.


Production Images - Courtesy of Bob Seary


For more information or to book your tickets today, visit but hurry to make sure you catch this innovative new work before the season ends!

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