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- Let's! - the first kid was delighted, judging by his behavior, a clear technical expert in this team. Breaking off the needle, he bent it and began to pick at the lock.

The castle resisted and finally turned. Taking the handle, Igorek carefully opened the metal box

Inside, among a dozen bundles of rubles, were two TT pistols and a crooked Zon-made knife.

Igorek took one pack, folded it over, and threw it back.

- Well, here, if in bucks, about five or seven, no more, but where is the rest? He turned to Natasha. “Where’s the rest, I ask you, fucking narcotic?”

Natasha, frightened, covered herself from him with her hands.

“Leave her,” I said. - Give me a smoke.

Igor took out a pack:

Why "leave"? She will tell everything now. You, Tanya, go home. And then I'll call you. Werniak.


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