A new One Act Play Festival is coming to Sydney this July 

Limelight on Oxford Downstairs 

July 24th - August 11th 

The Plays


by Mishka Lavigne

The sensation of having veered off the path. Of being asleep with your eyes wide open. Of being erased and slowly drained of colour. Of being a copy of a copy of a copy… Of being left to wander out in the cold. The sensation of your flaws being exposed, bit by bit, in a photo-bath.


Albumen delves into the existential sensations and harmful co-dependencies of Jessa, a talented artist who abandoned her craft to work in an office and to model for her former mentor, photographer Danielle. In a ritual of sorts, Jessa gives blood every 56 days, in order to give her life meaning. At the clinic, she meets nurse and lover Lucas—both he and

Danielle corner Jessa to reveal the things she’s running from, pushing her to her breaking point. Non-linear and poetic, Albumen creates a world of tension between mystery, sex and

pain and dives into Jessa’s emotional world with true expressionism.



by Mary Anne Butler

A car crash in the Central Desert. A broken man, about to leave his wife. A woman miscarrying her first born child. Broken entwines the stories of three complex lives as they unfold on a single fateful night in the heart of the Northern Territory’s desert country.

Winner of the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Drama, the Northern Territory Literary Award for Best Script and the Victorian Prize for Literature, BROKEN wrestles with matters of chance, choice, hope and fate – posing the question: When you find yourself empty, how do you start again?


by Ara Watson

On a hot and humid Friday afternoon in a Tulsa, Oklahoma welfare office, social worker Mary Hanson is planning a much-needed weekend break when she is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Luellen James, a young mother whose son has been removed by child welfare services. Luellen's determination to win back her son leads to the ultimate test of professional boundaries between social worker and client. Premiering at the internationally renowned Humana Festival of New American Plays, this one-act play by award-winning American writer, Ara Watson, reflects on the contentious nature of the child welfare system and the emotional toll it takes on all involved.



by Eric Lane

Erin runs the donut station at the local Jolly Shop supermarket. She meets Wes, who owes a ton of money and needs to pay it back fast. As the two grow closer, who's telling the truth? What is the truth? Lady Liberty and the Donut Girl is a new comic drama about two teenage misfits seeking connection as they stumble into adulthood.



by Dan Ireland-Reeves

Tyler Everett sells his body to hungry punters on a nightly basis. But on a regular working night, things are about to spiral out of control leaving Tyler questioning whether living in London is really worth the price of rent.

Bleach is a darkly humorous, soul-jolting new one man show about sex, violence and city living.



by Brayden Frascone

The Skylight Club is the best gay bar in all of Pittsburgh, but after the death of its lead entertainer, bartender Curtis Jackson must come to terms with the hatred of the world outside its walls. After

an unexpected visitor turns up one night, the lines of grief and forgiveness get blurred, and lives will be changed forever.



by Lauren Bonner

Like every high school teacher, Sam just wants a little love and respect. She finds it in the illicit lust of Milo, one of her Year 12 students. If she can keep their secret affair from her husband Harry and Milo's girlfriend Jessica, it just might work out. What she's not expecting is a lovesick Milo on her doorstep...ON A SCHOOL NIGHT! Infidelity and Enlightenment is a hilarious one act comedy exploring the pitfalls of aging, love and marriage.


by Tremayne Gordon

QUEENSLANDER, a short play by Tremayne Gordon, investigates human connection in the face of adversity. In 2010 and 2011, a flood destroyed the homes and lives of hundreds of Queenslanders. QUEENSLANDER a short play by Tremayne Gordon explores what it means to live in a share house and how connected we all become in times of trouble.


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