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Review:Yaaas Kween at The Sewing Room

Review by Sophia Gilet

Yaaas kween are a group of 4 core comedian/master improvisers and friends. Each of them comes from a diverse background. Their experiences in real life are turned into sketches. 

These sketches are loaded with sexual innuendo and highlight how a little bit of reverse sexism can even get a president chosen.

Set downstairs on wolfs lane you walk into a low lit bar with a stage set in one corner. The possibilities seem endless as to what might appear on stage. 

Each of these performers write and star in numerous sketches which continuously twist expectations. This format proved highly effective and remained exciting as each skit was separated by a woman running across the front of the stage closing the curtain and then opening it. The  costumes were simple but effective. 

The characters were big and the concepts and themes even bigger- with racism, sexism and sexual harassment all brought to the forefront in hilarious and sometimes disturbing ways. 

The show made a lot of poignant points that only hit after you had started laughing. This is arguably the greatest success of the performance - you're so engrossed in their performances you have to check what you're truly laughing about at times.

This quartet of performers didn't hold back, going to extremes to bring the laughs. All of them are solid performers and with a few scene stealers the comedy only heightened throughout.

Originally created last year and workshopped continuously since, this is a tight show. 

I laughed for 5 minutes solid during their dildo sketch- it is perfectly written. Please do more.

All the performers were comfortable and often made asides that had the audience busting  a gut. The show even did an audio sketch. 

This is not a show for children, or those easily offended. It makes fun of everyone. And while there is never any nastiness there is a lot of history, of wrongdoings that have been taken on by minorities. 

Special mention to Alex who was a scene stealer, purely for his total commitment and characters and for Amri's monologue which cut directly to the point of why we need to continue talking about these subjects. 

There was fantastic use of audio to emphasise jokes...And then even some jokes made about the audio. Clever! While there were no projections in the show, there were a few videos that were hilariously acted out by the cast.

Jaleesa and Amri do an excellent job in playing up there stereotypes as well as breaking them. Tor really was 'every man', playing men, woman, janitors, news reporters and many more.  

The Team behind this show have done a top notch with this sketch show and it will have you laughing all the way through. I had the fortune of sitting next to a lady who had confided to me that she was worried that they might not be that funny. She did not stop laughing throughout the show - and that is perhaps the ultimate review I can give for this comedy.

Funny, confronting, weird, honest and engaging this show Yaaas Kween is the perfect show to watch with mates...And your mum...and brother....and sister. 

Come down and celebrate just how messed up and weird humans can be. 

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