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Review: Table for Two? at Rehearsal Room 1 - Fringe World Perth

Review by Tatum Stafford

If Table for Two?, a hilarious physical comedy piece performed by Will Tredinnick (who dubs himself ‘a professional idiot’) could be summed up in one word, it’d be hijinks.

From the minute Will bumbled onto the stage in his first of three characters for the evening, a clumsy yet well-meaning waiter, it was clear we were in for a ride. When he pulled his restaurant guest for the evening out of the front row, there was a shared sense of comradery and support for her as the story unfolded and things got more and more chaotic.

Other characters that emerged (without giving too much away) included an ‘experimental’ chef, who got creative with utensils and vegetables, and a melodramatic hostess with a penchant for opera.

Will’s performance as each distinctly different character is masterful, and had the audience in hysterics. Though the dialogue was humorous and helped progress the story, the funniest moments were in its silence and Will’s committed facial expressions. His commitment to physical comedy was such a joy to watch, as he ran, fell and stumbled throughout the space during the show, much to the audience’s amusement.

Other stand-out comedic moments came when Will began to somewhat break character and laugh at himself. One came as he started eating a “very dry” piece of bread, and for a moment, seemed to realise how funny the situation was and started to laugh, which had the audience in hysterics. This moment was so humanising and hilarious that it sticks in my mind as one of the show’s best features – Will isn’t afraid to have a laugh at himself; the hallmark of a talented and dedicated physical comedian.

The plot of the show unfolded as each character walked in and out of the ‘restaurant’ setting, and the audience had a lot of love to give the audience volunteer Sophie as she reacted and played part in the show’s ongoing hilarity and strange scenarios.

The set was simple, the sound effects and music helped bring the piece to quite the crescendo, and all in all, this was a fantastic show to kick off the Perth Fringe season, as it felt very ‘fringe’ in its variety, comedy, and Will’s willingness to have a laugh at himself. Highly recommend!

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