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REVIEW: Soiree Cabaret Starring Live Singing Drag Queen Kara Zmatiq at Club York

Review by Michelle Sutton

An excited line of people gathered outside of Club York’s Red Room on Saturday night to wait for their turn to meet the queen of the hour Kara Zmatiq. The tone of the entrance was friendly, welcoming and fun. Also on hand to greet the audience were circus and aerialists also featured in the show, Tyler Heath and Alex Doyle.

Dubbed ‘Australia’s Premier Live Singing Drag Queen’ by Fuse magazine, Kara Zmatiq had quite a reputation to live up to with her performance in this show. Fortunately, she not only met but obliterated the expectations of her vocals within the few minutes of the first song. Kara Zmatiq opened the show with a bang, with strong, soaring vocals that continued to impress throughout the night with their consistency and versatility. Kara Zmatiq went from musical theatre to contemporary pop to original music all flawlessly. Kara Zmatiq held the gaze of the crowd, playing up to cameras and interacting cheekily with audience members throughout the show. Her costumes were eye-catching, surprising and fun and perfectly tailored to her body.

The drag circus cabaret show was held in the intimate Red Room the tables were full and anticipation high. The aerial equipment was set up on a small dance floor in the centre of the room, amongst the tables of audience members. There was a small stage and screen for images and videos which came in handy to show a snippet of Kara Zmatiq’ successful stint as a contestant on Australia’s Got Talent back in 2016. The clip provides context and a bit of an introduction to the Kara Zmatiq who shares more parts of her story as the show goes on.

She was at once glamorous and dazzling, candid and vulnerable, very movingly singing to her parents who came to the show and thanking them for their support and acknowledging friends who made the trip to Sydney to cheer her on. A few songs in, Kara Zmatiq started bringing people up to sing and dance along with her to the delight of everyone in the room. These people ranged across ages but were all united in their playfulness, excitement and willingness to look foolish in the name of a good time, a state that they were primed to be in from the fun and non-judgemental tone of the show set by Kara Zmatiq and the MC.

Tyler Heath and Alex Doyle accompanied Kara Zmatiq for many of the numbers, showing incredible strength, athleticism and grace. They also perform fantastic solo aerial routines. Heath, who has performed with Cirque Du Soleil, was captivating with exhilarating tricks and intense stage charisma. Doyle performed a solo dance number displaying her powerful acrobatic skills and beautiful lines. All of the performers thoughtfully utilised the space and interacted with the crowd. Although there were some minor mistakes and moments where the dancers were not in unison, the incredible amount of talent of everyone involved was clear and Kara Zmatiq’s powerful vocals and captivating and endearing personality rightfully stole the show and remained the focus.

Featuring live-singing, circus, aerial and dance performances by Kara Zmatiq and two incredibly talented performers, Tyler Heath and Alex Doyle, Cabaret Soiree is a fun night of glittering, inclusive music, dance and celebration for all.

Soiree Cabaret is 18+

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