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Review: Six Chick Flicks…at Underbelly Bristo Square – Ed Fringe

Review by Tatum Stafford

If you’re looking for a delightfully chaotic and hilarious hour of Fringe fun this season, don’t miss this show (yes I’m going to give you the full title) ‘Six Chick Flicks…Or a Legally Blonde Pretty Woman Dirty Danced on the Beaches While Writing a Notebook on the Titanic’.

The show started with a bang as the two talented performers, KK Apple and Kerry Ipema, dove into their first film victim, ‘Titanic’. The jokes were whip-smart and super accurate, analysing the film in a modern feminist light to the delight of the audience. They introduced ‘the Rose effect’, wherein a woman’s entire perspective changes based on how she is viewed by a man – they also proceeded to shout out the many cis male directors who have created the chick flicks we know and love, which was a hilarious touch.

The duo are incredibly in sync, and have fantastic chemistry. Each film recap gets to the point and gives enough of a deep dive so die-hard fans won’t be disappointed, and the pair include a few niche facts and references that meant we all walked away learning something new (the originally pitched title for ‘Pretty Woman’ will blow your mind, Google it).

They barrelled through recaps of other iconic films, including ‘Beaches’, ‘Legally Blonde’, ‘The Notebook’ and ‘Dirty Dancing’ – the finale dance number is worth the price of admission alone.

This show was such a joyful celebration of chick flicks and films we all know and love, and it was clear the entire audience had a great time throughout. As I sat in the back row (it was a full house!) I was super impressed by the performers’ projection, as they did the whole show without mics and I didn’t miss a word – true professionals.

I have high hopes that this show, which was a sell-out off-Broadway, won’t be over when this Fringe season ends. It’s accessible, relatable, and so so so funny, and I’m sure audiences all over the world will get a kick out of their unique comedy and hilarious insights. Plus, the format means they could throw in more and more films as the years go on, it’s genius really! Congratulations to this fantastically entertaining pair on a great show.

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