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Review: DIVAS: The Drag Revue at The Megamouth

Review By Tatum Stafford

Packed with upbeat numbers, hilarious jokes and some of Perth’s most entertaining queens, ‘DIVAS’ was an hour of pure fun and frivolity.

The show focuses quite broadly on ‘divas’ of past and present. We were taken on a journey to view divas from all decades and walks of life, including Marilyn Monroe, Tina Turner, Dua Lipa and even Ursula from The Little Mermaid (to name a few).

Dean Misdale is the show’s master of ceremonies; a role the queen tackles with ease and a cheeky grin. Throughout the performance, we’re treated to a bunch of hilarious asides from Dean, who is such a charismatic and highly skilled emcee.

After the ensemble’s opening number, it was time to get to know the show’s cast (including Dean) a little more intimately.

First up was Sassie Cassie, a hilarious and beloved queen on the Perth drag scene. Cassie is hilariously animated, and her numbers were such a joy to watch. Her rendition of Donna Summer’s ‘Last Dance’, complete with seemingly unintentional wardrobe malfunctions, was a clear hit with the audience at Thursday night’s performance.

Fay Rocious rounded out the cast of queens. As another of Perth’s beloved queens, Fay is almost impossible to take your eyes off of, and was given plenty of moments to shine within this energetic performance. Her ‘Barbie Girl’ was particularly hilarious – and as a musical theatre fan, I was thrilled to see her rendition of ‘Let’s Be Bad’ from Smash.

The queens were supported by two fantastic male back-up dancers who performed with fantastic energy and charisma. They were a fantastic addition to this show, as they were not only given their own moments to shine, but complemented the queens so brilliantly.

Dean is not only a natural and engaging emcee, but a wonderful singer. After kicking up his heels in the opening, he flawlessly navigated plenty of costume changes, and sang a range of hit songs with a fantastic stage presence.

DIVAS is fast becoming a ‘must-see’ show each Fringe for very good reason. The show is such a fantastic love letter to the ‘divas’ of music, and the cast are incredibly exciting to watch. They’re sell-outs for this season, but don’t miss these queens next Fringe.

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