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Review: Cirque Jingle at Brisbane Powerhouse

Review by Yasmin Elahi

Brisbane Powerhouse was transformed into a winter wonderland for ‘Cirque Jingle’. Presented by JACs Entertainment, and following their highly successful ‘Cirque Bon Bon’ last year, this show promised everything from magic to aerial artistry and juggling. Catering for the whole family, this 70 minute show was presented in a rather relaxed format, with the magician host interacting with the audience and photography encouraged.

Set design was unique – with a variety of different shaped blocks being moved around the stage. It was a unique way to transition from act to act and had a real circus feel about it. Lighting design by Andrew Haden was impressive and conjured up circus tent ambiance with different lighting effects that complemented the performances.

Stephen Williams defied gravity with his aerial straps. Soaring high above the stage, he pushed the limits and performed tricks that had the audience at the edge of their seat. An impressive performance by Williams. 

Cody Harrington was the standout performer of the evening. His juggling skills were faultless and his command of his props was mesmerising. Assisted by Megan Ray, Harrington juggled a variety of different objects with exceedingly difficult skill levels. An exceptionally talented juggler, Harrington was also a magnetic performer who commanded the stage.

Ashleigh Roper performed both on the aerial hoop and with hula hoops. As the first act of the evening, she set the tone for the show. Later on, returning with hula hoops in a boundary pushing display.

Jarrod Takle defied gravity as a hand balancer. As his cast mates gradually built a higher and higher tower, Takle ascended towards the top of the theatre, maintaining his balance and risking his safety in a display of steely nerves and precision.

Chris Wayne held the show together as the magician host. His rapport with the children who served as his assistants was charming and he brought cohesion to the evening. 

Emma Goh and Scott Reynolds performed a death-defying roller-skating duet. Spinning wildly around, the trust and teamwork between the pair was evident in a heart-pumping performance.

The acts were complemented by musical numbers from singer Aleisha Rose and violinist Quiana Morgan. Morgan’s performance of hallelujah was poignant and beautiful and provided the most touching moment of the evening. Complemented by dancers, the musical acts brought a Christmas flavour to the show. To cap the evening off, snow was sprinkled over the audience, adding to the magical Christmas charm.

Overall, the show felt like a variety performance, with several different and interesting acts. The show may have lacked a little cohesion and aside from a couple of Christmas songs and the snow did not hold a lot of magical Christmas charm. Nevertheless, it was an entertaining evening of family fun and a nice way to get into the holiday spirit.

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