Naughty With a Band at Paddington Town Hall

The journey from obedience to not really giving a shit. 


New York Performer Pamela Shaw gets naughtier than ever with her fun, provocative and musically electric new show. Straight from Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringe Festivals, NAUGHTY is a musical melange of pop, blues and rock complete with a full band under the musical direction of local Daryl Wallis to complement Pamela’s spirited child from within. 

Rosie spoke with performer Pamela Shaw about her self-devised work and why we should all stop giving a shit. Read the full interview below:

Pamela Shaw

You’re a New York performer whose show has toured the Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringe Festivals, now coming to Sydney to bring audiences Naughty with a Band. What made you want to bring this show to Sydney and how do you think it will be received by Sydney audiences?


I actually live here part-time, married to an Aussie, so I work here - am a proud member of MEAA and SAG, and it was a no brainer to bring here as I am technically a local and love when I can work in Aus.

You’ve mentioned that the creation of Naughty with a Band was inspired by much-loved children’s book and now musical Matilda. How did this work inform your story?


Matilda’s gutsiness and independence highlighted my lack of it as a child! And so I knew I had to develop those traits in order to get what I wanted in life...therefore it seemed like the ideal frame for this show.

Naughty with a Band has been described as a “musical melange or pop, blues and rock”. Why have you chosen these musical styles to accompany your performance and how do they help you communicate your story with the audience?


I am interested in music not only for its own sake but to further tell the illuminate the arc of the text. Different types of people have been influential along the way, different genres of music as well. Also, I just love to sing ‘em with a band!

Naughty with a Band has received rave reviews, from “racy, relevant and revealing”, to “professional, unflappable and unstoppable”, but I’d love to hear it in your words. Why should audiences come and see this show?


It’s for all ages, really.... Never too young or old to go for your dreams! And since we are all basically the same, even though our backgrounds are different, we resonate with the “ journey” made public...and maybe it gives us strength and support to trust ourselves and carry all can be very challenging... and to groove and have some fun and laughs at the same time!

Lastly, why should we stop giving a shit?


That’s meant in the broadest of strokes because if you are not trying to please anybody but yourself you have the opportunity to speak your deepest truth and resonate with many many others.. which is even more powerful than pleasing them, I think.



Favourite production you have ever seen?

A play called “A Life” by Adam Bock is right up there...


You’re getting on a plane tomorrow and you can go anywhere in the world, where do you go?

Places I have never been: I want to see cherry blossoms in Japan, The Kimberlies, South Africa and safari-photographing of course and...return to the beach in Barbados, ahhhhhh........


Dream show to perform in?

One that hasn't been seen yet, by a great writer, with a character as dark as they come.....I love David Lindsay-Abair, maybe he has the above just waiting for me?!


Plays or musicals?

Patsy in musical of abfab , they could write it perchance?


A hobby you have beyond the theatre?

I love being a clothes stylist to my friends!


What’s next for you after this show?

Doing it in LA in June, hopefully this film in London as I can work there as well (having an EU passport as well, I’m collecting!)

Naughty with a Band is currently running at the Paddington Town Hall until June 2nd 2019. You can get your tickets here.

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