Madiba the Musical at the State Theatre

Next stop on the Madiba the Musical Australia and New Zealand tour is Sydney and after a smash hit opening in Melbourne, we cannot wait to welcome the cast and crew to SYD! Carly spoke with Timomatic Omaji ahead of their opening at the State Theatre on November 1st. Read more below:

Madiba has been described “as the most important show this year” and an “inspiring celebration of [Nelson Mandela’s] life” – what is it about the show that you think makes it so important to today’s audiences? What can audiences expect and why do they need to see it? 

Mandela’s story is one of struggle for equality and peace. I think Madiba the Musical does extremely well to give audience a taste of how brutal Apartheid was in South Africa and how Mandela touched people live’s in a way that lead to peaceful reform. Relevance of love and peace in the world is needed more than ever, so come celebrate it with us.

You have said previously that you are very proud of your African roots and that you like the music you produce to reflect this. Was this a major reason that this project specifically spoke to you?  

Definitely. Growing up in a Nigerian household, my parents made sure that I knew about the struggle of the african in South Africa and what Mandela was doing to bring change. I have always been inspired by the story so to celebrate it on stage is an honour. 

Do you feel that your background has informed your character and understanding of this particular story? 

In some ways yes. In my primary and secondary school years I was usually the only black kid in my year so I was singled out by default. I learnt how to deal with kids being afraid or hurtful to me because I looked different. I had to be bold and to stand up for who I was. My character “Sam” is extremely bold and fights for who he is.

What has been the greatest challenge, but also the greatest highlight, in working to piece together a show that honours such a great man?

The greatest challenge for me has been performing with a South African accent. Because of the story I really wanted to do the accent justice.  Perci (Mandela) has been really instrumental in helping me with this.

Have you learnt anything you didn’t know before about Mandela and what do you think are the most critical lessons we can take away from seeing this performance?

I never knew Mandela’s first born son and Mother died while he was in prison and he was not permitted to even go to their funerals. The critical lessons would be learning to forgive one's self and others and unity for all. 


Favourite production you have ever seen?

Jersey Boys

You’re getting on a plane tomorrow and you can go anywhere in the world, where do you go?


Dream role to perform?

A lead role in Hamilton

Plays or musicals?


A hobby you have beyond the theatre?

Playing FIFA on PS4

What’s next for you after this show?

Releasing more music and venturing into more acting.

Tickets for Madiba the Musical are available now - book early to secure the best seats at this must see musical!

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