Ladies, We Need to Talk at the GIant Dwarf

This week Rosie chatted with Yumi Stynes, host of the hugely popular podcast 'Ladies, We Need to Talk'. Yumi is bringing her podcast to thye Giant Dwarf Theatre for a special live version of the show.

Yumi Stynes: host of Ladies, We Need to Talk

I’d love for you to share with our readers a little bit about your podcast Ladies, We Need to Talk and how it came to be. What inspired the creation of this show?

‘Ladies, We Need to Talk’ is a podcast made by an amazing team at the ABC and it’s all about those topics women need to talk about but often feel shy or silenced.  

It came out of those conversations you have with your dearest, most treasured female allies that usually start in hushed tones -  Your partner cheated? You have a problem with your vagina? You’re thinking maybe you drink too much?

Obviously this podcast touches on a number of topics that are – or were – considered quite taboo. Are there any topics you were nervous about approaching, or any that you’re still nervous about approaching?

This podcast keeps tricking me!  I keep thinking I’ve reached my last threshold of squeamishness and then we seem to find a new way to uncover a topic that has never been openly spoken about - or not in my circles, anyway, and I squirm, and have to carefully step through my own prejudices and ignorance and find a way through.

Luckily, I have never been the sort of person who is easily embarrassed, so we manage to cover these ideas.  The episode we’re working on now is Painful Sex. I guess the most nervousness I feel is about getting a story wrong, not representing people fairly or thoroughly.  It’s a real responsibility to treat people’s sensitive, often deeply personal stories with gentleness and smarts.

Why is Ladies, We Need to Talk perfect for today’s audience? Why should people start listening in?

We’re in the Golden Age of broadcasting!  There’s never been a better time to be listening to or making a podcast.  Everyday consumers have realised they are the programmers of their own entertainment - NO MORE passively consuming what is beamed into one’s television or radio via satellite.  We opt in, we choose what we want to hear, and it means that the people creating content don’t have to try to keep everyone happy. We can be braver. This podcast, for instance, is pitched at women.  We don’t mind if men aren’t interested - that’s the freedom of opt-in media.

Does this podcast have relevance for those without a female experience?

It absolutely does and many fellas have contacted me to tell me they love the podcast.  It’s a great insight into the female experience. Just like theatre doesn’t have to reflect one’s own experience to be relevant to the audience, this podcast is well appreciated by people who don’t identify as female.  I think men like it because they KNOW it’s not actually meant for them! They feel like they’re hearing something hallowed and special.

What can audiences expect from this live show compared to listening to the recorded podcast?

Well the main thing is they can ask a question!  They can meet Dolly Doctor, and we’ll be there just having a laugh and playing out some bits from the podcast that never made it to air.  It’ll also give us a chance to explain what really goes on in the making of the podcast, so if there are any start-up podcasters who want to get some useful tools for their own projects, there will be lots of useful stuff. I really hope to see a lot of young women there, mothers with teenage daughters, and ladies who’ve been around the block a couple of times.  These are all my people.

This podcast relies on being honest with ourselves about our needs and wants as women – what do you think is the biggest thing women need to be honest about?

Their own imperfections.  Once we stop pretending to be perfect, it’s a real relief.

Rapid fire.


Favourite production you have ever seen?

I loved Eddie Perfect’s THE BEAST, I thought it was excellent and wanted to shout about it!  I also loved Nakkiah Lui’s BLACK IS THE NEW WHITE.


You’re getting on a plane tomorrow and you can go anywhere in the world, where do you go?

Skiing in Japan.  My mother is Japanese and I particularly love it over there and I particularly love to ski, so this would be a pure pleasure trip.


Dream project to be a part of?

A travel show where I get to eat and cook and eat and cook and maybe sunbake once in a while, ski, eat and cook, write recipes, talk about food, cuddle a baby, cuddle some puppies, eat and cook.

Plays or musicals?


Who’s your industry inspiration?

Christie Whelan-Browne.  She is hilarious. Her comic timing blows my hair back.  We should appreciate her here in Australia because once they discover her in the US and UK we’ll never see her again!

What’s next for you after this show?

I have a second cookbook in the works - it’s called ‘ZERO F*CKS COOKING - Endless Summer’ - all about cooking great food when you actually couldn’t give a f*ck.  This is my whole entire life story. I have four kids, three jobs, and love food but I can’t be messing around with fussy food, I’m too busy! It’s out in December.

You can find Yumi on Instagram and Twitter @yumichild and check out her cooking Instagram @ZeroFucksCooking

Ladies, We Need to Talk is on the 4th of August at the Giant Dwarf Theatre in Marrickville. You can pick up tickets at

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