Into the Woods at the Concourse Concert Hall

“Be careful what you wish for” when you go Into the Woods!

Bloom Creative Productions bring us this Tony Award-winning musical in the majestic Concourse Concert Hall. Into the Woods – The Musical will take you on a journey through the tales of the Brothers Grimm with performances by some of Australia’s best musical theatre performers and musicians, showcasing the brilliant music of Sondheim.

Rosie spoke with performer Elisa Colla, who will be stepping into the glass slippers of Cinderella for this production. For more information about this new theatre company and why you should see this magical show, read below:

Elisa Colla

You’re playing Cinderella in Bloom Creative Productions’ installation of Into the Woods, a Tony Award-winning musical that intertwines the plots of several well-known fairytales. Can you tell us a bit about your character and her journey throughout this musical?

Cinderella is kind, caring, courageous and determined; although at times she can be indecisive. On her journey through the woods she ends up having this unique perspective of knowing both sides of life and therefore is able to show this unexpected strength and supportiveness. She also doesn’t want an accident of fate to fix her life; she wants to be loved for herself.

What is it like preparing for a show like Into the Woods, where the orchestrations are so complex and the story line is so interwoven? What are you most looking forward to?


Stephen Sondheim is a musical genius and it’s an absolute honour to sing his music that is so complex in its rhythms and rich in its story-telling. In saying that, it’s also a lot of hard work!! It requires a lot of practice in your own time, focus and patience in rehearsals and really, really listening to each other. It’s a fantastic learning experience and really rewarding when it all comes together.


I’m looking forward to singing this score and performing it in such a unique setting! I’ve always wanted to do this show so it’s a real privilege to be a part of this special production.

Into the Woods marks the debut production for new theatre company Bloom Creative Productions. What is it like being involved with a fresh, new independent theatre company, and what can we expect from their debut show?


Refreshing! It’s an honour to be involved in a company’s inaugural production. There is a real sense of teamwork and everyone is genuinely happy to be there and incredibly positive and supportive of each other and their ideas. We all want the best for this production and this new company. It’s really exciting for the Australian industry to gain a new independent theatre company!


You can expect a guaranteed good time!! There is a different theatrical experience with this production as performers interact with the orchestra and with it being set in a concert hall rather than your typical theatre, who knows where some characters may appear from…

This production focuses not only on the actor’s performances, but also features the 15-piece orchestra on stage. What’s it like being able to interact with the musicians, who we rarely get to see on stage in a musical?

Really exciting! It’s a rare opportunity to be able to interact with the orchestra and I think it’s really special for both performers and musicians to come together and share the same space and not feel separated or less important than the other, because let me tell you, the orchestra are the real stars of the show being able to play this score!!


What do you think are the main themes and morals we can take away from Into the Woods?


Some of the main themes are definitely growing up, parent-child relationships, accepting responsibility and wish fulfilment and its consequences but this quote from Thomas Uhm’s “Into The Words” really stuck with me and is something we can all take away from INTO THE WOODS and that is: “Appreciate what you have, realise what you want, accept what you can’t have, but discover what you are capable of”


If you could describe this production in three words, what would they be?


Enchanting, compelling, moving.



Favourite production you’ve ever seen?

The 2015 Deaf West Theatre’s production of Spring Awakening on Broadway. It broke boundaries with deaf actors and hearing actors on the same stage. It was so incredibly moving and clever.


You’re getting on a plane tomorrow and can go anywhere in the world, where do you go?

Italy! It’s my second home and I haven’t been able to get back there for a few years now so that’s definitely where I’d be heading!


Dream role/show to perform in?

Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady was my ultimate dream role and show, I still can’t believe it came true! I have a couple of dream roles but I try not to attach myself to them too much - Sometimes roles you never thought you’d do come your way and end up being a dream to play.


Plays or musicals?

Both! I can’t pick!


What’s next for you after this show?

My wedding! Haha and ‘A Little Night Music’ with Victorian Opera! I’m playing the role of Anne Egerman and I’m super excited to work with such a fantastic cast and creative team.

Into the Woods opens Thursday 21 March 2019 at the Concourse Concert Hall in Chatswood for a strictly limited run. You can get your tickets here.

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